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Time to turn the temperance screw, gas lamp posts removed, Victory Garden canning center at Crosby

Aug 07, 2017

August 5, 1869

Ship Building in Belfast: In the yard of White & McGilvery, a pair of twin ships are building, side by side. There is not intended to be the least perceptible difference in them, from keel to truck. They are 200 feel long, 39 feet wide and 24 feet deep, will ton about 1285 each, and are built from the model of the ship Phineas Pendleton, of Searsport. They are built under special inspection of the French Lloyds, for a nine years class. These ships will be launched, one in September and the other in October. They are owned by parties in Belfast and Searsport, and will be commanded, one by Capt. Robert H. Coombs, late of the ship Live Oak, and the other by Capt. Phineas Griffin, late of the ship C. W. White.

Mr. E. B. Weston, of Bangor, a photographer of rare skill, who is for a few days operating with Mr. Kilgore, is delighting our people with productions of his camera. In the positions of his sitters, the management of light and shade, the arrangement of accessories, and all that goes to make up artistic skill, we do not believe Mr. Weston has a superior in the country.

August 3, 1876

The Kindergarten school was instituted on Tuesday afternoon at the Grammar school house, for instruction of teachers and mothers. A class for children will soon be organized.

A large amount of drunkenness has been observed about the streets lately. It will be necessary for the reformers to give the temperance screw another turn.

Every cottage with the exception of two, are now occupied at the Camp Ground, and it presents a home-like appearance. Services are held every Sunday, and excursions from the city augment the attendance.

August 7, 1902

The Light & Power Co. has taken down and removed the old lamp posts formerly used for the street gas lights, and taken out the gas pipes leading to from the mains to the posts. Some of the branch pipes were leaking and becoming offensive.

The freight from Belfast by the Boston steamers is heavy for this season of the year. The principal shipments are doors, etc from Mathews Bros’ mill, leatherboard from Sherman & Co., clothing from Foster-Estabrooks Co., shoes from Leonard & Barrows, cream from Silver Lake Creamery and fish lines from Castine.

August 7, 1913

Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge S. Pitcher entertained the members of the Travelers club and their gentlemen escorts at their cottage at the battery last Thursday evening, where a picnic supper was served and a very pleasant evening spent.

Herbert W. Healey made a trip to Dover in his Metz car to attend the ball game last Saturday afternoon, leaving Belfast after the morning mail was sorted and his substitute started. He arrived in Dover very shortly after the game was called. Mr. Healey and party recently made the trip to Old Orchard and return in one day.

August 5, 1943

Community Canning Center Scene of Much Activity: Crosby High School Home Economics Rooms are very busy these days; trucks and cars loaded with produce and jars and women carrying all their arms will hold are all heading for this building. In the past two weeks it has become the Mecca for all canning enthusiasts. Waldo County women are finding that the local canning center is a hub of activity. Hours pass very quickly. Much produce from the Victory Gardens is being preserved by the most modern methods for winter use amid the most efficient and pleasant surroundings. Since the canning center opened two weeks ago, 1400 cans of peas, beans, beet greens, chard, endive, blueberries and raspberries have been prepared for winter use.


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