Tips and Tricks on QuickBooks

By Ballou & Associates | Aug 17, 2012

Do you already use QuickBooks to maintain financial records for your business?  Here are a few keyboard shortcuts to help save you time.

General Keys and Editing Keys

To start QuickBooks without a company file:         Hold CTRL while opening
To suppress the desktop windows:                       Hold ALT while opening
Close active window:                                             Esc or CTRL AND F4
Record:                                                                 CTRL = Enter
Edit transaction selected:                                      Ctrl + E
Delete line form detail area:                                  CTRL + Delete
Insert line in detail area:                                        Ctrl + Insert
Undo changes:                                                      CTRL + Z
Copy check transaction in register:                       CTRL + O
Create new invoice:                                               CTRL + I
Delete check, invoice, transaction or item:            CTRL + D
Go to register of transfer account:                         CTRL + G
History of A/R or A/P transaction:                          CTRL + H
Memorize transaction or report:                            CTRL + M
Open account list:                                                  CTRL + A

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