To Tell the Truth by "Spookeymon"

By patrick quinn | May 03, 2018

"Spookeymon" is an Army veteran friend of mine, we served together. He has a particular slant and insight on politics and War. I talked with him about the recent "accidents" of the military aircraft. C-130 crashed in Georgia killing 9 Army National Guard soldiers from Puerto Rico.  A Marine CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crashed in California, 4 marines dead. Air Force Thunderbird F-16 crashed in Italy, pilot died. Air force F-16 crashed near Las Vegas killing the pilot. A military helicopter carrying Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner narrowly returned to the airport because of engine failure. Eric Trump's plane returns to airport because of engine failure.

So, I said to Spookeymon: "what's happenin?" He looked at me with his smirky mischievous smile, like the cat that ate the canary. I strongly said: "What is it"? "Don't you see it man, it's the beginning."  I say: "Beginning of what?"  "The WAR! The real deal, not some small time excursion like the military has in 140 countries; not small time like Iraq and Afghanistan, I mean something worldwide and substantial. I mean bringing the War home to our backyard, some serious sh**". "Who do you think is behind it?" "Take your pick, who has the US Military not offended?  Somebody is in control of manipulating the main computer of the aircraft.  Somebody, who is giving the message to the US Military that they are vulnerable and best beware. A challenge!  So beware, because the US Military responds to challenges gleefully with every last dying breath or disability of their soldiers, and the Generals rejoice and hand out promotions, which is what it is about. Moving up the chain of command!"

Do not sacrifice your children to the military because they will be fodder for the War Machine.  Look closely to the recent disabled veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan and tell me that this is what you want for your child. Please stop sacrificing children, the Old Testament needs to die, so I am told, said the peaceful man from Nazareth.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: patrick quinn | May 25, 2018 06:37

Ms.Keyes; you sound like a preacher woman, not too shabby. Too many judges are idiots and so are the legislators who direct them with ignorant legislation.  Cops also uphold this stupidity.  It would be wonderful if everyone stood for peace and justice for all. Peace be with you.

Posted by: Patricia Keyes | May 23, 2018 09:28

Everyone is going to die. Some folks may think they can find a gene that will reverse aging, and they might, but that won't solve their real problem: Selfishness. You can't escape your own moral failures. Death is a good thing. If you seek and find the Creator now, it is a release from this amoral temporary corrupted body to a perfect spiritual body in the next life. Imagine being trapped in a body that was scarred, with chronic pain for eternity! Who would want that?? It's not for us to fear death. It's for us to be sure that we die well. Dying in a fight while rescuing a needy person is just fine. Staying silent in the face of evil? That is sin.

I do think if politicians want to get us into wars, then it should be them in a cage-match-to-the-death, while the rest of us watch and eat popcorn. People who support bad leaders are our biggest problem in Washington DC. and in our state houses. Bearing false witness against a brother isn't just slander. It's silence in the face of crime to keep your job or what you think you want your future to be.

Posted by: Patricia Keyes | May 23, 2018 09:15

Okay, so I know military guys, too. They can't say anything because their families are threatened if they do, but the "conspiracy" theories are in large part true, except for space aliens, which are demonic entities in cloned/frankenstein flesh. And it's them that drive the evil in the upper echelons of power in the world. But that's terrifying and folks don't want their comfortable worlds rocked by reality.

Jesus doesn't give you blind law. He gives you "precept upon precept." This means you start with the foundation of logic and work up. Does God love every single unique and precious human being?  Yes!  That's bedrock. Lay the next course.  Do they love him?  NO! Because self-will is part of the gift of being made in his image, and surrendering self to the beloved other doesn't come without a lot of humility, work and maturity. Next precept:  Humanity's rebellion against God's perfect directions caused God to have to separate heaven and earth, which had been coexistent.  This means the material world is now separate from moral realms. A baseball bat is amoral. It can be used to hit a baseball and create a lot of fun and good will, or it can be used to bash someone's head in. The choice is up to you!  You are in a holographic universe in which your choices are watched and also have rippling consequences. Does God like violence? No. But it is a tool to be used in an imperfect world to protect the weak and innocent. There is no value in standing by and watching an enemy combatant rape a 14-yr-old girl. God gave men their 150% more muscle mass, and their compartmentalized brains, so that they could make quick hard judgments, stop bad guys, and not wring their hands for decades about whether or not the rapist got hurt.

It's not rote. There may actually be times where mercy and restraint are exactly what the perpetrator may need to realize they are valued by God and that there's a better world outside their own head. That is the edge of the knife. The place where YOU personally need to be praying, and talking with God all day long, so that when a difficult situation comes up, you can respond to God's prompting in your heart.

The Old Testament puts no stigma on military men or national armies. Because the world is fallen to corruption, God uses nations to restrain more evil nations. Liberals say America is "bad" but it was America that stopped the Nazis in the end. Nations aren't static. They're us. Since WWII we have lost our Judeo-Christian underpinnings and we may actually deserve some a$$ kicking. But there is still a very large number of mostly good people here who get up everyday, go to work, feed their kids, pay their bills and give a hell of a lot of money to charity.  We are 4% of the world's population, and we give 80% of the helps worldwide. There's no reason for liberals to denigrate those silent people who simply practically love people all around the world.

What we need is for corrupt judges to be removed. We need incapable and incompetent judges to leave. We need all men to be heroes, not just first responders and the military. All men should be willing to stop injustice where they see it immediately, and those police and good judges should find the truth and support men who stand up for the weak and the innocent.

It's amazing how quickly we could have world peace if it wasn't just the military's job to enforce it.

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