Today I voted.

By Catherine Cooper | Jun 12, 2018

Today I voted at the Rockland Rec Center in downtown Rockland. The 1st question is regarding rank choice voting. It is a long awkwardly worded question that isn't very clear. It looks like you answer YES to oppose it, was this deliberate?

Vote NO on rank choice voting (question 1) it dilutes your vote and you have no idea if the votes will be calculated properly. Also, as Matt Dunlap, the secretary of state has said, it WILL take days, possibly up to a week to process your vote. This doesn't sound like a simple, easy process to me.

Vote NO! on rank choice voting!

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Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jun 15, 2018 06:48

But RCV works, Catherine, which is why Republicans hate it.  A wall anywhere, however, is an outdated idea that never worked before.  Just ask the Chinese or the people of Berlin.  People who build walls merely trap themselves inside while the rest of the world moves on.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jun 14, 2018 06:36

And worth every penny.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jun 13, 2018 18:23

Kudos to Channel 6 News for calling out LePage on his blatant lie about Maine having already tried rank choice voting.  It's about time the real news started fact checking the nonsense being spewed in this age of trump.

Posted by: Karla Schwarze | Jun 13, 2018 15:56

Ironically, even if all Republicans had placed 2nd and 3rd choices, you still would have wound up with Moody being elected on election night, because that's how it works.  If someone gets over 50%, they've won.

Advice on voting methods should come from people that understand them.   Having to wait a few days for election results isn't a big deal.  Having to wait over an hour for a table for dinner, now that's a big deal.


Posted by: Allison C Morrill | Jun 13, 2018 09:45

RCV does not "dilute your vote."  It gives you a 2nd crack at choosing a candidate in case your 1st choice candidate is an underdog. That ensures that your vote gets counted, one way or another, instead of being wasted. I don't mind the wait; it's for a very good cause.

Posted by: Karen A Grove | Jun 13, 2018 08:22

The question was put forward in a very awkward way.  I thought that kind of phrasing was not to be done on ballots any longer.  It makes me wonder how many other people found it confusing.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jun 13, 2018 05:57

But it's worth the wait.  After all, demanding instant gratification isn't a sign of political maturity.  And it's enough to know that ranked choice won the day.

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