Tractor Tip of the Week August 12-18

By Union Farm Equipment | Aug 14, 2012

“What size tractor do I need?” is one of the most common questions we are asked. The answer is never quite as simple. One thing is certain a larger tractor with larger implements will do more work per hour and allow you more time for other activities. Of course, the budget always comes in to the equation, as do many other factors.


What jobs do you intend to use the tractor for? Will it run the implements you need? Very few people are sorry that they bought a slightly larger tractor. Most people trade their current tractor for a larger replacement.


One of the most important considerations is “Will the tractor go where I wish to go?” Is it small enough to fit in the garage, barn, through the gate, etc? Does the tractor have enough ground clearance to get through the rough areas?


Most of our customers purchase a loader and get a tractor to carry it around. What types of loader work you plan to do is very important. Does the bucket have enough capacity? Will the loader lift high enough to dump into your truck? What types of material and their respective weights?


What size implements do you have? What size implements do you need? What you intend to run will make a difference in what size tractor you choose. Horsepower, weight, tire size and 3 point hitch capacity all plays a role in choosing your tractor.


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