Tractor Tip of the Week August 19-25

By Union Farm Equipment | Aug 25, 2012

New Versus Used

There are many advantages of purchasing a new tractor, warranty, condition, financing, repairs, and selection. There is one advantage of a used tractor-price. The most important criterion of any purchase is whether the tractor will do the jobs you need. A good deal on a tractor that is too small for your needs is not a good deal. Purchasing an old two wheel drive tractor with out a three point hitch to run implements does not make sense.

A new tractor usually comes with a two year warranty and often a three year power train warranty. There are no expenses other than maintenance for the first years of the tractor’s life. A used tractor may have a 30 day warranty or no warranty depending upon the seller.

One reason that used tractor values are so high is condition. Many compact tractors are used for less than 100 hours per year (the three year power train warranty on a new Kubota is 2000 hours on compacts and 3000 hours on the M-series). This is roughly equivalent to putting 2000 miles on a car each year. At this rate a tractor will last for many many years. 

New tractors do not need any repairs. Depending upon the condition of the used tractor it may need substantial repairs. Typically a used tractor at a dealership will not require any mechanical repairs and will have a warranty.

Selection of new tractors is better than used. Most of the time a dealer will have or be able to get a new tractor with your choice of tires, transmission, and other options. Used tractors are scarcer and your choices may be very limited.

Financing a new tractor is easier than a used tractor. Right now most manufacturers are offering 0.00% interest, and no down payment financing. Often after the financing is figured in the payments are less on a new tractor.

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