Tractor Tip of the Week August 5-11

By Union Farm Equipment | Aug 09, 2012

The answer to this question is a definite possible maybe.  With the broad range of front, mid and rear attachments available, tractors can do a large number of tasks.  Obviously the size and horsepower of the tractor is going to dictate the amount and type of work it can do. Other factors that come into play include whether or not the tractor has a mid PTO, what type of tires the tractor has, and what attachments are available.

We always recommend that customers try to imagine everything they might use the tractor for. The next step is to identify what the main uses will be. Then it is necessary to decide how often implements need to be changed. We ask customers to list all the tasks; from most important to least important, they wish to use the tractor for. Then we can help the customer make an educated decision about which tractor and which implements best suit their needs.

Rear mounted, three point hitch implements are generally quick and easy to change. These implements are standardized in the industry. Front and mid mount implements are generally tractor specific; a mid mount mower or a front end loader may only fit one model of tractor.

Some of the biggest compatibility issues are between mid-mount mowers and backhoes. We recommend that aftermarket backhoes be subframe mounted. The subframe goes under the tractor where the mower would mount. Thus every time the grass needs mowing the backhoe must be removed and the mower reinstalled. With a rear mount mower this task is much easier because you don’t have to crawl under the tractor to take the mower off.

Front snowblowers are not easily installed and removed on some tractors. Regardless of the ease of changing from a loader to a snowblower the change will take some effort. Customers who wish to use their loader frequently are often better served by a rear mount snowblower.

In summary, modern tractors are incredibly versatile. However, it is important to consider what tasks the tractor will do and how much time it will take to change implements.

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