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By Jessica Higgins | Jan 31, 2014

By Jessica Reynolds

Phone at:207-465-6972

In Our World:

Basketball is coming to a end and Troys Team has had a amazing season!! Thanks so much Gabe Smith for taking the time to coach these kids,you have done a awesome job with them! Next up for us is travel team!!

We are heading to see Rosie & Opal this weekend at Hope Elephants I am so excited to see them!! I will fill you all in next week on our trip!

Troy Fire Dept:

Troy has responded to 13 calls since January 2014 Thank you guys for all you do!!

If you would like a Burn Permit in Troy the number is: 323-2468

Quote of the week:

~ Sometimes things that mean the most don't cost you a dime. All they cost you is a bit of your time.Pay attention because you may miss something wonderful.~

Happy Birthday to Lisa Ravin!!

Troy Town Office:

Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9am-4pm Wednesday 4pm-7pm Thursday 9am-4pm Friday 8:30am-Noon Saturday & Sunday:Closed

Phone number:207-948-2283


Contact me: with news,birthdays,anniversary's etc. that you would like to see in here

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