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By Jessica Higgins | Feb 07, 2014

By Jessica Reynolds

Phone at:207-465-6972

In My World:

Oh my goodness Rosie and Opal at Hope Elephants was so amazing!!! Kelsey fell in love with Opal and Lindsay fell in love with Rosie, I couldn't decide even the husband enjoyed it! They are so amazing to watch! We watched them get a pedicure,watched them eat Apple tree branches,watched opal stretch her trunk,Rosie do her leg exercises. We got to hold a elephant tooth and learn so much stuff about elephants that we never knew. If you get a chance to go see them it is well worth the trip! Such a good cause, their mission is to provide a unique and caring home for injured and aging elephants.Call and schedule your own visit today at 207-230-7830 also see them on facebook at Hope Elephants.

In Your World:

Don't forget Valentines Day guys (and gals)!!! This Friday Febuary 14th!!

T-Pot Memorial Ice Fishing Derby will be held March 1st on Unity Pond. Entry Fee is $1.00 Starts at 6am and ends at 5pm.

Congratulations Christopher Roy for placing 1st place in Kids fishing durby on Sheepscot lake. He places 1st with a Salmon that was 2.10lbs Also to Jerrett Roy who placed 1st in Adult class with a Salmon that weighed in at 1.5 lbs..

Troy Fire Dept:

Thank you guys for all you do!!If you would like a Burn Permit in Troy the number is: 323-2468

Quote of the week:

~The 3 C's of life: choice, chance and change. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.~

Happy Birthday:

Kim Bradeen & Kayla Grover on Febuary 13th

Kelsey Higgins Half Birthday on Febuary 14th

Troy Town Office:

Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9am-4pm Wednesday 4pm-7pm Thursday 9am-4pm Friday 8:30am-Noon Saturday & Sunday:Closed

Phone number:207-948-2283


Contact me: with news,birthdays,anniversary's etc. that you would like to see in here

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