By Jessica Higgins | Mar 07, 2014

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In My World:

With Spring (hopefully) just around the corner I wanted to remind you all of your local farmers markets. It is so much healthier to buy local & the peace of mind of knowing where what your eating comes from. If everyone took the money that they would spend at the grocery store (or even half of it), and spent it at your local farmers market.. For Starters you & your family would be allot healthier & you could possible be saving one of your locals farms..

Good point I see the other day.. When you go to the local shopping center they probable will not notice if you missed your 'normal shopping day' but you know what I bet your local farmers market would notice that you was not there & even look forward to seeing you each week..Just a little food for thought..

In Your World:

Maine artists, age 50 and older, are invited to exhibit their work at the 12th ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF ART to be held in Belfast,MAY 15 THREW 18, 2014.Sponsored by Senior College at Belfast and the University of Maine Hutchinson Center, this non-juried exhibit is open to amateur and professional visual artists.  Last year’s Festival included 140 works of art and attracted over 1,000 visitors.  An Entry Form and information may be requested at: or by calling Juliane Dow  at 857-719-6733.The entry deadline is March 31, 2014.

Troy Fire Dept:

If you would like a Burn Permit in Troy the number is: 323-2468

Quote of the week:

A lot of problems in the world would disappear if we talked to each other instead of talking about each other.~

Happy Birthday:

Happy Birthday March 12th to My Auntie!!! (Kristin Grover)

Happy Birthday March 7th to Shawn Quimby !

Happy Birthday March 10th to Clint Downer!

Happy Birthday March 12th to Heidi Wilson !

Happy Birthday March 15th to Conner Kenney!

Troy Town Office:

Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9am-4pm Wednesday 4pm-7pm Thursday 9am-4pm Friday 8:30am-Noon Saturday & Sunday:Closed

Phone number:207-948-2283


Contact me: with news,birthdays,anniversary's etc. that you would like to see in here

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