By Jessica Higgins | Apr 10, 2014

By Jessica Reynolds

Phone at:207-465-6972

In My World:

The mud has arrived at our house!! Hopefully that means no more snow for awhile anyway.One thing that I do love about the snow is it covers everything up.As the snow melts at out house I see I have allot of work ahead of me in my yard!!! Not complaining about that at all. It has been a long winter and thankful to be able to get outside and do all the stuff we love!

We got to spend some Much Needed time with some great friends Susan & Mike Higgins!!!!!!!!! We watched the race had hot wings,french fries and Cold drinks. We had a wonderful time!We miss them so much since they have moved but it was very nice to see them! We must make time to get together more often!!

What's Going On:

Do you know of an Asset Champion in your community? Asset Champions are individuals or organizations that make extraordinary efforts to build “developmental assets”, create positive connections with young people and inspire others to do the same.Developmental assets are the positive experiences, values, behaviors, and relationships that enable young people to thrive.Healthy Waldo County and the Community Anti-Drug Coalition are asking for your help in identifying Asset Champions in Waldo County who are doing extraordinary work, either as a professional or volunteer. Send the name and the reason that  you recommend them to Healthy Waldo County, 5 Stephenson Lane, Belfast, ME 04915 or by e-mail to before April 28th please. Recognition event May 19th.

* Also if you are looking for Full Time or Before & After School care please give me a call at 465-6972*

Troy Fire Dept:

Thank You All for All you Do!!

If you would like a Burn Permit in Troy the number is: 323-2468

Quote of the week:

~Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't.~


Happy Birthday to Samantha Mitchell on April 18th. Happy Birthday Samantha!!!!

Happy Birthday to Ari Bradeen!! We love you Ari! Have a good day!!!

Troy Town Office:

Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9am-4pm Wednesday 4pm-7pm Thursday 9am-4pm Friday 8:30am-Noon Saturday & Sunday:Closed

Phone number:207-948-2283


Contact me: with news,birthdays,anniversary's etc. that you would like to see in here

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