By Jessica Higgins | Jul 16, 2014

By Jessica Reynolds

Phone at:207-465-6972

In My World:

Well we got some much needed rain last week for our gardens! So amazing to see how fast it grows (and the weeds) after a good rain.

Had a good visit with Kelsey the other day & she brought me my favorites after her dinner. Lobster Bodies!! She knows her mama Loves them!!

We had a nice dinner and visit with Si'd dad & Bruce.I made a nice roast and red potatoes and corn.

I think the boys are gearing up for another camping trip.Will let you know how they made out if the end up going. They had such a good time over the 4th I don't blame them for wanting to get back up there.

I Must make a trip before the end of the summer!! That is on my to do list (maybe a last Birthday trip for me)!! I Love it up North So much!!

Lindsay starting Soccer camp on Monday! She is very excited about it!

In Our World:

Soccer camp:

This Monday July 28th- Aug 1st. Monday Registration Starts at 8 am.

Hours: Monday- Friday:8:30-2:30

Cost: $100.00 and you can also pay at the door Monday morning

Greades: 1st threw 8th

Troy Fire Dept:

Please contact them if you would like to schedule your controlled burn. Donations welcome & very much appricated.

If you would like a Burn Permit in Troy the number is: 323-2468.

As always thank you Troy fire for all you do!

Quote of the week:

~Someone who truly loves you,sees what a mess you can be,how moody you can get, and how hard you are to handle,but still wants you..~


Happy Birthday to Troy Resident,Lillian Bishop who turned 102 on July 18th! Happy Birthday Lillian! Lillian had her birthday celebration on July 20th with family & Friends.


Happy 19th wedding anniversary to my Uncle Kyle & Aunt Lisa Ravin of Brooks on July 15th!

Troy Town Office:

Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9am-4pm Wednesday 4pm-7pm Thursday 9am-4pm Friday 8:30am-Noon Saturday & Sunday:Closed

Phone number:207-948-2283


Troy post Office:

Monday - Friday 7:45 am - 11:30 then open from 12:00-3:45pm

Saturdays 8:30-11:45


Contact me: with news,birthdays,anniversary's etc. that you would like to see in here

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