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Trump the promise keeper

By Tom Seymour | Dec 22, 2017

Hank Williams sang about divisiveness in his marriage. “You ain’t never known to be wrong and I ain’t never been right,” Williams crooned.

Hank’s words quite accurately demonstrate the political divisions between today’s liberals and conservatives. Both sides face immovable opponents and neither side appears ready to give a single inch. This division stands at a zenith not marked since the American Civil War.

This situation did not simply appear on Inauguration Day 2016, but had festered for decades. President Donald Trump’s election to office did nothing more than bring simmering rivalries to a head. And for that he is hated, despised, damned, condemned and vilified by his enemies.

But Trump is just a figurehead and the same hatred aimed at the president also singles out all who support him. And just as President Trump has no intention of backing off from his campaign promises, neither do conservatives have any notion of dropping their support of him. So now all either side can do is like it or not and wait and see how this page in American history unfolds.

Keeping promises

It may not be politically expedient to keep promises but it is still the right thing to do. For a politician, though, the act of saying one thing during a campaign and doing something different after securing election has become so common that it borders upon acceptable, which in fact it never is.

So when Donald Trump roared into office and immediately began acting upon his promises, the left was infuriated. “How dare he,” the left said. But they forgot one important thing, and that was that Trump was not a typical politician. Instead, he came into office with a list of burning priorities which he considered himself duty-bound to act upon.

And with every promise kept, the uproar against him became louder. And still he persisted and continues to persist. Let’s consider a few of these promises kept.

Candidate Trump vowed to restore the conservative voice to the Supreme Court and to that end he wasted no time in nominating Neil Gorsuch to the nation’s highest court. And it seems likely, given the age of some of the justices, that during the president’s term of office he may well have another chance to nominate another conservative to the Supreme Court. And that would realign the Constitution-hating court to a constitutionalist court. That drift in national policy would mark the nation’s course for many decades into the future.

“We’ll build a wall, a big, beautiful wall,” candidate Trump said. And now less than a year after assuming office, prototype border walls await the president’s vote on which one meets his criteria.

The left staunchly refuses to allow one thin dime to go toward building a border wall, but they must contend with an immovable force, Donald Trump. And sooner or later we will have a wall. It was a campaign promise and will be fulfilled.

Tax cuts, another campaign promise, will soon become reality. Some internecine wrangling among House and Senate Republicans must come to pass, but it seems a likely bet that a completed bill will land on the president’s desk before Christmas. Liberals have come out in arms against the tax cut, but their protestations are as chaff before the wind.

And speaking of Christmas, Candidate Trump promised to bring back Christmas. This he has also followed through on. No more “Happy holidays” for this president. “Merry Christmas,” now rings through the White House. Also, while former president Obama chose Christmas ornaments with images of Chairman Mao for the White House tree, President Trump will honor the true Christmas message, the gift from God of Jesus Christ to a dysfunctional world.

Oh, the angry left will protest this interjection of the real reason for the season into the national vocabulary. But they are in the minority. Christmas 2017, for the first time in a long time, will come to Washington minus all the liberal sidestepping around the word “Christ.”

Finally, President Trump has officially declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Former presidents had given lip service to this concept but so as not to rock the boat, kept signing regular waivers that kicked the Jerusalem can down the road.

Candidate Trump promised to designate Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital and here again, President Trump has kept another campaign promise.

These are only a few of the many promises that candidate Trump made and President Trump fulfilled. The next three years will see more promises kept. Perhaps, even, Americans will, as candidate Trump said, “become tired of winning all the time.”

Tom Seymour is a freelance magazine and newspaper writer, book author, naturalist and forager. He lives in Waldo.

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