Two signs of spring: digging angleworms and setting geraniums

Feb 26, 2020

March 3, 1881

Parties from New Bedford, Mass., were in this city last week seeking proposals for the building of a three masted schooner. We learn that Carter & Co. made figures on the proposed vessel.

A mouse was caught in a singular manner in a house in this city, one night last week. On the top of the flour barrel had been placed the cake board and rolling pin. The mouse in jumping about had set the pin in motion, and rolling upon the tail of the little animal it held him a prisoner until morning. When the captive was discovered a household council was held, and the mouse condemned to death. Raising a heavy cane the executioner brought it done with terrific force upon—the rolling pin. The mouse, oh where was he? Why he skipped off, of course, scot free, and snugly stowed in his nest, made up for his long night of unrest.

March 1, 1900

WANTED—at the Free Library: The December and February issues of Harper’s magazine were taken away from the Reading Room table a few weeks ago, and a bound volume of the New England Magazine, Vol. 18, has been missing for some time. Any person knowing the whereabouts of these magazines would do the Library a favor by giving the desired information.

Attention is once more called to the Literary Tea at Miss Carrie Cutter’s on Cedar street, next Saturday afternoon. As the proceeds are to be devoted to the Girl’s Home, the generous support of all friends of the institution is looked for. The ladies having the affair in charge will spare no pains to make it a pleasant occasion for all who come. Admission 25 cents.

Mrs. D. S. Lincoln sent to The Journal office yesterday an orange from the plant which has attracted much attention in the window at her home on Church street. It was two inches in diameter and very juicy.

March 3, 1910

Two signs of spring were noted Monday: One of Belfast’s prominent attorneys, an ardent fisherman, dug a small quantity of angleworms, and W. E. Hamilton, our florist, began the setting of small geraniums so popular in the spring gardens.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.


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