Ugh! Is your cat using your house for its little box?  What to do about feline urine marking.

By Mary Fuller, DVM AAHA PetsMatter Newsletter

What is Feline Urine Marking?
Feline urine marking is a behavior in which cats mark a location with urine to notify other cats of their territory. It often occurs near doors and windows as a way to communicate to neighborhood tomcats wandering through the yard. Although this is a normal behavior in cats, most owners consider it unacceptable when it occurs in the house. Any cat can exhibit marking behaviors, but it tends to occur in male cats that have not been neutered.

Although hormones may be behind urine marking, stress and anxiety also are causes. Any changes in the household, such as the addition of other pets, workers in the house or a recent vacation by the owner, may compel the cat to reassert its territory.

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