Unity News

By Carolyn Zachary | Jan 04, 2018

Unity News

By Penny Sampson


My apologies for missing last week. Short news week.

Condolences to the family of Wilma Stewart. I had known "Willie Mae" (as I affectionately called her) pretty much my whole life and I worked with her at The Homestead when I was in college. She was certainly a hoot!

And condolences to the family and friends of Tammy Leeman Shaw. She fought the good fight. We knew each other in high school but didn't run in the same circles. We became fast friends after she came down with Lori Grant to MMC in Portland to visit me during the summer of 2014. After that we talked quite a bit, commiserating on our illnesses.

At this very moment my plow truck driver is stuck in my driveway. I invited him in, but he has help on the way. He's good help; I pay him in Chinese food and flannel shirts. Love my Uncle Ed; he's always taken good care of me.

I am so ready for this winter to be over. I was chatting with Suzanne Ferrierra the other morning as she was on her way out to do barn chores in the sub-zero. It's days like those I do not miss having horses. However, if I could have my beloved "Frosty" back I would do it all over again.

Busy time of the year at the town office. Many committee meeting and we are preparing for 2018 budget. There will be some committee opening in March after town meeting so if you have any interest in one of the many committees please let us know at the town office.

The new hunting and fishing law books are available at the town office.

In the event you lose power, remember that the Unity Community Center is a place to stay warm, charge your electronics, and fill up water.

I saw a picture on facebook of Barry McCormick cooking at the Depot Store. Glad to see he's back at it!

You might have noticed there is a reduced number of chickadees at your feeders this winter. Their numbers are down, but juncos have increased. Not sure why, but interesting nonetheless.



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