Unregulated Wood Stoves

Photo by: The Alliance For Green Heat Some of these unregulated stoves may look deceptively like more efficient stove designs

EPA "Approved” Does NOT mean EPA "certified"!

Tens of thousands of new non- certified wood stoves are sold in the USA because they built to escape the EPA Certification standards. They are “approved” to be EPA exempt!  Most of the products are imported from China and are sold cheaply on the internet and sometimes also in local stores not within the hearth industry.

The products are exempt by exploiting a loophole  designed  by the EPA to not regulate low efficiency open fireplaces. By designing low efficency products that do not have a means to control the combustion air to the firebox (non air tight)  the company avoids the EPA’s certification standards for efficiency and air quality.

The consumer is often confused by the advertising term “ meets EPA Requirements” of course, the product does meet the standard. The Standard to be  exempt!

To read more please visit the The Alliance For Green Heat’s link http://www.forgreenheat.org/technology/stove_technology.html

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