Just spent a wonderful day at Monhegan Island with my lovely bride, Linda (and her cousin Michael and wife Marilyn). The one- hour boat cruise from Port Clyde to the Island, was met with 15ft plus swells, left over from Hurricane Harvey. I rode the bow, going up and down with the swells. I got pretty wet but the roller coaster ride was so much fun and soooooo worth it. LOL.

Taking July and August off this year from ministry, I painted every wall and ceiling in our home. We also replaced the carpet with a new one, followed by replacing the old living room furniture with new furniture. We also got rid of the clutter and sold most of it at a garage sale. I think this is all prophetic: God is cleaning house, getting rid of the clutter and replacing the old with the new.

My office upstairs was also redone. The adjacent media studio received a new face-lift, with the addition of a fireplace, corner library, window blinds and seating area. The space being open and blending into the office looks pretty amazing and inviting,

I didn’t know that a home could look and feel so good!

This season of cleaning and renewing our home is over. Tuesday September 5th, I will once again return to the work of ministry, preparing for all the upcoming events scheduled for this fall.

AS A SIDE NOTE: On August 21st the day of the Solar Eclipse, the Lord shared this day was the day of “New Beginnings.” I hear the Lord frequently whispering, “Watch what I do.” Nearly every day, I see the hand of God moving on my life, finances, and ministry, family and marriage with favor. It’s an incredible time of blessing with a double portion.

In His heart and love – Roy Roden

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