UPDATE: Lincolnville Center General Store reopens Oct. 27

Temporary road closure during grand opening confirmed
By Susan Mustapich | Oct 27, 2017
Photo by: Susan Mustapich The Lincolnville Center General Store grand reopening is set for Oct. 27.

LINCOLNVILLE — A section of road in front of the Lincolnville Center General Store on Route 52 will be closed temporarily during the store's long-awaited grand reopening Oct. 27.

The celebration will feature food and beverages for sale, wine tasting and music. The store will turn out homemade pizza from its new wood-fired brick oven, and offer a tasting of wines found on its shelves. Rollie's Bar and Grill of Belfast will cook up hamburgers and hot dogs and Sewall Organic Orchard of Lincolnville will serve cider. Kathy Langelier of Herbal Revolution Farm and Apothecary in Union will offer samples of some of her elixirs and tonics.

The Route 17 Ramblers will perform on the general store's porch around 4 p.m., followed by The Mallet Brothers, starting between 5:30 and 6 p.m.

The grand opening was announced in September on the Lincolnville Center General Store's Facebook page by Briar Lyons Fishman, who owns the store with her husband, Jon. Lyons mentioned Oct. 23 that more than 350 people have indicated on Facebook that they are attending the grand opening, and 1,000 people are interested in going.

On Oct. 23, employees who were busy unloading deliveries, finishing up stocking shelves, and attending to myriad details, had time to provide a sneak peak of the store's interior. A quick walk-through revealed freestanding shelves along the center of the store and more shelves along the walls, full of grocery products. There are tables at the front of the store, and the wood-fired pizza oven along the back wall. In addition to packaged products, the store will offer a wide variety of prepared foods to eat in or take out, store-made products and beverages.

The store's Facebook page has been the place to go for updates and developments on the building project, interior work, job openings and the date the store would open to the public. Lyons said the Lincolnville Center General Store has hired 13 employees.

Recent postings include surveys asking for products customers would like to see in the store, new employees on board, a ceremonial firing of the pizza oven and the store's first delivery.

Comments on the store's Facebook page reveal the excitement felt by many people about having the Lincolnville Center General Store open once again.

The store has been closed for about nine years. It was purchased in 2011 by the Fishmans, who at the time were traveling back and forth between a home in Vermont and Lincolnville. Several years ago, the Fishmans chose Lincolnville as their permanent home. In 2016, they began a major renovation of the general store building, which dates back to the 1870s.

Road closure

A 300-foot section of Main Street in front of the store will be closed from approximately 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. Town government worked with the Waldo County Sheriff's Department to secure the closure, Lincolnville Town Administrator David Kinney said Oct. 23. The Sheriff's Department will have officers posted on site during the event. The closure is for public safety, he said.

The store is located along a stretch of Main Street, where routes 52 and 173 join and continue through Lincolnville Center before separating again. Route 52 begins at Route 1 in Camden and ends at Route 1 Belfast, and Route 173 begins at Route 1 in Lincolnville Beach and ends in Liberty.

The detour will be posted, and runs as follows: From Route 52 in Camden, motorists will proceed to Lincolnville Center. Prior to reaching the Lincolnville Center General Store, turn left at the "Petunia Pump" onto Hope Road (Route 235); continue on Hope Road to Martin Corner Road; turn right on Martin Corner Road; turn right onto Heal Road, which leads back to Route 52 just west of the store. Motorists can continue along Route 52 toward Belfast, or Route 173 toward Liberty.

The nearby Lincolnville Central School on Route 235 will accommodate parking, and a shuttle will run from the school to Main Street. The shuttle was part of the town's road closure plan, Kinney said, to protect pedestrians along Hope Road.

In mid-October, the Lincolnville Board of Selectmen voted to support the road closure, as long as permission was granted by the Waldo County Sheriff's Department. Two of the board members, Chairman Ladleah Dunn and Jon Fishman, recused themselves from voting. Dunn is the Lincolnville Center General Store manager, and Fishman is a co-owner. It is standard practice for town officials to recuse themselves from a vote in which they have a business interest.

The new wood-fired pizza oven at the Lincolnville Center General Store. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
The bulk product section at the Lincolnville Center General Store, opening Oct. 27. (Photo by: Susan Mustapich)
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Posted by: Nina Reed |

Mary I have not had the pleasure of going inside yet but have had the joy of watching the awe inspiring renovation day after day, having driven by there each day on my way to and from work. It is even more gorgeous in person!  It was a wonderful store before it closed years ago, I enjoyed going in and picking up some "rat cheese" from the wheel on the counter or a cup of coffee. They would even bring in Dunkin Donuts. I am so excited to see what this place is going to bring for our community!

Posted by: Mary A McKeever |

WOW! How wonderful! Such a rejuvenation of the General Store. A small town General Store was the hub of the community in years past! A place to sit and drink coffee or soda and rest between chores, Men and women alike. I am so please to see the modernization of the Lincolnville store and wish great success to the owners. Hopefully Lincolnville will patronize and make the store a focal point for the town.

Mary (Brown) McKeever -- former Hope Postmaster and store owner...


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