VStv Heard on the Street May 9

May 10, 2017
"So for it, I am really tired of switching back and forth all the time. I have an alarm clock that is, like, months ago, and still trying to catch up. So I'm all for it." — Stephanie Gallagher, Nobleboro

Should Maine switch to Atlantic Standard Time?

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"As the parent of a young child, I can tell you that changing clocks forward and backward disrupts a child's, and subsequently the whole family's, dynamic for several weeks. It's always nice to spring forward, but the disruption to family life can be quite difficult with a young child. I think regionally if we decide to do it, great." — Jennifer Albee, Brooks
"I think exploring Daylight Saving Time and whether or not we should continue that is something that should be looked at legislatively, but I think staying in the Eastern time zone is going to be beneficial, both for our industry, staying in East Coast time, where a lot of our travelers come from, and also from a commerce perspective overall." — Chris Barstow, Thomaston
"It seems like it would be a dream. I commute from Portland to Bath every day, so I feel like I lose that little last bit of daylight on my way home throughout the winter. I was in a hair salon yesterday and everyone was talking about this and saying how now that it's getting lighter out, it's getting warmer, people are motivated to go out and spend money and have a drink at a bar, or go shopping a little later and I just think it would be really great for commerce." — Jenna Howard, Portland
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