"Waging the Dog" the movie with a Trump card.

By patrick quinn | Apr 13, 2018

The movie "Wag the Dog" is about a US President who is caught having sex with a young girl and needs a diversion from the incident to insure re-election. So he starts a war with Albania.  The premise is that they have a nuclear weapon and are harboring and training terrorists. A producer from Hollywood is hired to develop a convincing story-line and show, to persuade the people to be patriotic and defend their country.  Thus redirecting the story and news coverage away from the sexual abuse allegations.

Trumpf has taken this movie script and used it as template for his presidency. He is definitely waging the dogs' tail, he likes waging tails. He has surrounded himself with people who are "gung ho" for the security of our country and thus their own job security. Without war all these soldiers would have to find honest work that does not include serial killing of people and destroying villages and cities. How mundane. War is the answer for these people and war is what we will get. John Bolton will make sure of it, he is the PRODUCER. Stay tuned...for loony tunes.

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