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Waldo County deed transfers

Jan 14, 2021

Belfast — The following deed transfers were recorded were recorded from Dec. 31, 2020, through Jan. 07, 2021, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Janet Pelling to Carol Ginandes Revocable Living Trust.

Belfast Pines LLC to Benjamin Stewart Caswell and Chilloa H. Caswell.

Belfast Pines LLC to Alycia Benner and Rodney Melanson.


Nesmith-Iverson Trust of 2002 to David Sutherland and Susan Sutherland.

Susan Sutherland and Carl Sutherland to Joseph Goscinski and Margaret Aynne Goscinski.


James M. Mahoney Maine Trust to Tony Lin.


Robert M. Sheppard and Rita O. Sheppard to Gary Finley Nettleton and Trevanion John Grenfell.

Ruel Michael Malley to Derek Carswell.


Mark A. Umbach Family Trust to Susan West.

Deborah W. Ferrante to Borrego LLC.

Edgar A. Bering III, Harriet A. Bering and Harriet A. Hoder to Hoth LLC.

Richard T. Collier to Iponohea Irrevocable Trust.


Fred Joe Cameron Sr. & Madeleine A. Cameron to Fred Joe Cameron Sr., Madeleine A Cameron and Thomas J. Cameron.


Camilla Leidenfrost, Camilla Jewett and Camilla B. Jewett to John P. Navazio and Terri Matson.

Navigator Properties LLC to SBA Towers C LLC.


Geoffrey Hill and Petra Hill to Peter Moran and Mary Hilliard Moran.

Herbert C. Miesfeldt and Elizabeth C. Miesfeldt to Milsfeldt Family Revocable Trust.

Sandra Thomas to Gary P. Martin and Jane F. Martin.

Mark D. Lerner and Traci Lerner to M-Covid Legacy Trust 2020 and T-Covid Legacy 2020 Trust.

Robert Newcombe and Dorothee Newcombe to Whales Tooth Ventures LLC.


CTL Land Management Services Inc. to Michael J. Manner.

Casey Wooley to Amos Grant and Melinda Theriault.


Kimberly S. Sheff and Peter M. Sheff to Donald Lecker and Laura Suomi-Lecker.

Darcie Lamont to Walter Lamont Jr.

Nicholas Fortune, Melissa Fortune and Melissa Beamis to Ananda Group LLC.


Anthony W. Bonin II and Anthony Bonin II to Anthony W. Bonin II and Michelle N. Bonin.

Powell Vacations LLC to Lawrence L. Baggitt and Tina L. Baggitt.

Ashley B. Landry and Tamara Landry to Christopher Gallagher and Katherine Gallagher.

Franklin A. Field to Jeffrey L. Wilt and Tamara M. Wilt.

Michael T. Lannan to Stephen R. Thompson and Shannon L. McCarthy.


Dale McKenney to Stephen Arsenault and Tiffany Arsenault.


Philip D.Potvin and Cynthia F. Potvin to James Amos Knox and Amy Louise Knox.

Simone & Deborah M. Cautela Revocable Trust Agreement to Isaac Parker and Cedar Slagle.


Elizabeth Greenberg and Elizabeth Stuart Thomsen to Jason P. Miller and Christina Z. Miller.


Shirley Robbins Est. to Seth Robbins and Jessika L. Robbins.

Laurie Osthoff to Joel D. Ploszaj.


Debra A. Payson to Troy E. Payson.

James H. Nealey to Patricia Parker and Randy Parker.

Francis W. Zito and Cynthia L. Zito to James Emerson.


Daonald W. Maxim and Bertha L. Maxim to Aaron J. Lewis and Courtney Lewis.

Jeffrey D. Fowler and Amy R. Fowler to Jason D. Cunningham.


Gary Allard and Lisa Allard to Tingfu Chen.

Kate A. Adams to Anna L. Mayo and Bryan E. Mayo.

Bernard Ginn & Sons Inc. to Aaron P. James and Arikka D. James.

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