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Waldo County deed transfers

Apr 22, 2021

Belfast — The following deed transfers were recorded from April 09 through April 15, 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Deborah K. Hensley and Jonathan D. Plengey to Jacqueline Robb.

Troy A. Gallant Est. to Cody R. Gallant.

Cody R. Gallant to Leon S. Gallant and Judith E. Rivera-Gallant.

Kathleen Cartwright to Alessandra Martinelli.

Liebmann Family Trust to Matthew M. Williamson and Esther Williamson.


Sheila F. Fuller to Jessica A. Walker.


Edgar R. Ferland to Paul F. Abrahamsen.


Zerk-Eli Manner to Stephan A. Lane Jr. and Jennifer L. Lane.

Lance Weddell and Martha J. Weddell to Martin V. Huysman and Victoria Hughes.


April A., Kirby and Norman W. Kirby to Hanlon Kelley and Geoff Maciolek.

Kenneth L. Shaw to Jonathan K. Shaw.

Rodney A. Sienkiewicz Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Scott A. Sienkiewicz.

Scott A. Sienkiewicz to Scott A. Sienkiewicz and Linda S. Sienkiewicz.


Beverly Ann Ludden Est. to Christopher R. Cook and Christine Smith.

Lisa M. Ludden to Christopher R. Cook and Christine Smith.

Town of Jackson to Beverly Ann Ludden Est.


Joyce C. Dow Est. to Sarah Wood.

Wayne R. Cole to Sarah Wood.

Bonnie J. Libby to Jodi Lynn Carroll


Britini R. Smith and Matthew R. Smith to Donald A. Lundgren Jr. and Ginger M. Lundgren.

Whitney Harriman to Darren Harriman.


Deborah M. Peaslee and Nathan G. Peaslee to Ellie Peaslee.

Brandon Bouchard to Dean Bartlett.


Larry A. Sawyer III and Jasmine D. Sawyer to Linda Cunningham.

Quentin Sprague to Michael Curtis Sprague.

Babette Nealey to Kristen Griffin.


Beverly I. McKenney to Dennis J. McKenney, Dale A. McKenney, Dwain E. McKenney, Ilene Littlefield McKenney and Darryl McKenney.

Bonnie E. Glazier to Bonnie E. Glazier and Christian J. Safford.


Janice V. Satchell to Allison A. Luciano.


Emery Shute Jr., Darolyn Shute, Weyman Cowan and Darlene Cowan to Mark D. Rhodes and Jodi F. Ashey.


Edward C. McLellan and Anita H. McLellan to Hitchcock & Company LLC.


Shawn Alley to Benjamin Greenleaf.


Raymond Swan to Ann M. Daggett and Wesley C. Daggett.

Jenna K. Golub and Benjamin C. Hamel to Alana Hutchins and Evan Hutchins.

Timothy Sweetland and Sandra Sweetland to Benjamin F. Spencer.


Mary L. Burke to Stephen C. Myrick and Cynthia O. Myrick.

Jay McLaughlin and Ellen McLaughlin to Andrew Spaulding and Lisa Spaulding.

Marcus J. Teitsch Jr. Est. to Robert C. Teitsch

Marcus J. Teitsch Jr. to Robert C. Teitsch and Jennifer Teitsch.


Todd A. Trull and Dorothy Trull to Devin Trull.

Elizabeth P. Dyer to Brian Commette.


Eddie C. F. Donnell Jr. and Eddie Donnell to Kendra A. Kirby.

Kendra A. Kirby to Kendra A. Kirby and Ethan J. Leach.


Wyatt Hurd to Maggie M. Menter.

Bernhoff A. Dahl Est. to Smith Family Trust.

Moran Properties LLC to Timothy J. Moran and Kathryn E. Moran.

Austin J. Davis and Melinda M. Davis to Melinda M. Davis.

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