Waldo County deed transfers

Nov 04, 2012

The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Oct. 25 and Oct. 31, 2012.


Aurora Loan Services LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC.

Dorothy J. Klie Estate to Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association.

Joan Smith to Toby Smischny and Jason L. Bucklin.

Belfast Area Cohousing LLC to Marion Brown.

Philip A. Rosen Estate to Katherine E. Loblein.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association to Brian G. Ross and Dyan P. Ross.

Donna Moody and James Moody Jr. to Raymnd G. Schaller.


Paul Shaver and Patricia Roussel to Susan E. Loyd.

Sharon Quinn-Tourigny to Maine Tree Management Inc.


Stephen C. Bennett and Judith A. Bennett to Robert M. Clark and Jean Clark.

Robert M. Clark and Jean W. Clark to Ruth A. Keating.


Maria K. Malagisi and Gerardo Malagisi to Clyde Layne and Celeste Layne.

George W. Erskine Jr. to Charles W. Ellis and Mary T. Ellis.

Kyle Wright to Heather A. Morris and John O. Morris Jr.

Elisabeth J. Shue to David W. St. Clari and Sandra L. St. Clair.


Milton M. Carey and Mary H. Carey to Ronald W. Cobb and Cheryl Cobb.

Sarah A. Cucinelli and Donald A. Cucinelli to Wendy P. Kellett and Mirle A. Kellett Jr.

Richard A. Nightingale and James A. Munroe Jr. to Charles A. Stoneham and Catherine M. Stoneham.

Clifford Chater to Clifford S. Chater Irrevocable Trust.

Clifford S. Chater to Clifford S. Chater Irrevocable Trust.

David I. Coombs to Krystal M. Coombs.

Michael P. Miller and Julie A. Lawton-Miller to Nathan Littlefield and Kelly Ferrier.

Jaclyn A. Cogswell and Jaclyn Grindle to Scott N. Soule.


Dean M. Bartlett and Bethany L. Bartlett to Melissa Beamis and Nicholas Fortune.


Inge L. Stevens and Stuart Damon to Todd W. Hall.


George E. Kondos to Oscar S. Saban and Christine A. Saban.

Paule J. Monagle Sr. to Richard W. Monagle.


Kenneth G. Evans Jr. to Blaine N. Miller and Michael R. Gould.

D. Bain Pollard to Wayne C. Hamilton and Loraine S. Hamilton.

DCP Midstream Partners LP to DCP Searsport LLC.

Christopher Johnson to Gertrude Johnson.


Margaret Laing to Margaret Laing and Dirk A. Lecesne.

Kenneth F. Wyman and Keirsten R. Wyman to Travis J. Wyman and Sarah B. Wyman.


Stephen P. Corey and Earlene M. Corey to Lucas W. Brewer and Shannon M. Brewer.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to James Flanders and Heather Flanders.


James F. Ross and Patricia L. Ross to Jean Ross Estate.


Claude E. Littlefield and Lois E. Littlefield to Anita Hills.


U.S. Bank National Association, Trustee to Richard C. Freeman and Betty L. Freeman.

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