Waldo County deed transfers

Nov 26, 2012

The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Nov. 15 and Nov. 21, 2012.


Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-Opt1 to Carol Boucher and Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-Opt1.

Lynn M. Sullivan, Donald A. Butler, Elaine Jaffin and Jeanne Brigham to Blake Peebles and April D. Dulude.

Oyen Trust to Suzanne Ruth Trumbull and Ralph Andrew Oyen.

County of Waldo to Congress Street Hill Property LLC.


Stephanie J. Toth to Dominic Galgano.

Kenneth L. Reed II to Dominic Galgano.

Kimberly J. Reed and Kimberly J. McEwen to Dominic Galgano.

Kenneth L. Reed III to Dominic Galgano.


Laurence Hotham to Gregory R. Ingraham and Shirley M. Ingraham.


Emily C. Barnum to Martin D. Phillips.

Emily C. Barnum to Christopher Rooney.

Paul D. Kazilionis to West Shore Drive LLC.


Marion C. Bowers to Darren R. Doughty and Heidi M. Doughty.


Paul Barton to James J. Stokowski and William J. Nolan.


Sheila K. Billings Revocable Trust to Robert French Sr.

Joann E. Peace to John R. Allbee.

Sheridan K. McHenry to Tracy E. Brixius and Tyler R. Brenten.

Angela Domenichelli and Angela Thibodeau to Scott Crockett and Erin Crockett.

Kenneth L. Milliken to Cora M. Milliken.

Kathryn a. Piotti to Bradley J. Hennemuth and Trudi M. Hennemuth.


Denise Bryant to Charlene Hood.

Henry S. Wordell and Norman W. Kirby to Bennett N. Verbeck and Jennifer D. Ries.

Derek W. McKenney to Derek W. McKenney and Marilyn McKenney.

Esther M. Mathieson to Jane Stairs and Wendell Stairs.


John D. Lojek to Patricia J. Lojek.

Merleen Palmer to Donald W. Ramsey and Doreen C. Ramsey.

Donald W. Ramsey to Merleen Palmer and Gary E. Palmer.

T&J Holdings LLC to Hydee J. Ward and Marcy A. Macomber.

Carol Holmes to John P. Dugan and Barbara J. Dugan.


Mary Lou S. Allen Estate to Dennis Scott Plaisted and Lea A. Lavertu.


Colton J. Crane to Janet E. Fielding.


Cathleen O. Cram and Sherman C. Cram to Cathleen O. Cram.


Candee Derosier to Ernest Manchester III and Angela Manchester.

Ricky E. Lanphier to Ricky E. Lanphier and Kathleen M. Merrifield.


Lois R. Malisk to Darlene G. Duncan and Lauren A. Duncan.

Zen D. Sawyer to James Coughlin and Katherine Coughlin.


ABFC 2003-OPT1 Trust to John A. Read.

Richard A. Webber Revocable Trust to Patricia A. Webber.

Craig Bianco to Jennifer F. Chin.


Fanie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Clayton C. Tebbetts and Mistiayn W. Tebbetts to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Lewis Cole Sr. to Louise Cole.

Kathy J. King to Terrance A. Melanson.

Michael J. Reid to Raymond P. Reid, Ronald G. Reid Jr., Susan R. Hart, Bruce A. Reid and Michael J. Reid.


Thomas S. Nyerick to Jonathan Evans.


Rose DeGennaro to Alexandra Mullen.

Robert B. Smart to Melissa Hancock and Jennifer Ginn.

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