Waldo County deed transfers

Jan 07, 2013

The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Dec. 27, 2012, and Jan. 2, 2013.


Meg Jackson to Anthony J. Jacovine and Christina M. Delsanto.

Legacy Revocable Trust to Pamela Smith.

Edward M. Powers to Pamela Smith.

Mary D. Rollerson to Paul D. Hamilton and Nancy L. Hamilton.

Winston H. York and Patricia Small to UNME LLC.

Joseph T. Clark and Joseph Clark Jr. to Thomas Richdale.


James M. Moody Jr. and Donna Lee Moody to Jeanette M. Moody.

Lynn D. Murray and Lynn D. Montie to Margaret A. Emerson and Harold Emerson.


Weston B. Haskell Estate to Jackson F. Haskell and Lucas C. Haskell.


Dorothea E. Jansen and Bruce D. Jansen to Kelvi J. Bonilla.


Orland Ray Thoreson to Edward M. Collopy.

Pamela Schreiber to Pamela Schreiber 2012 Qualified Personal Residence Trust #1.

George B. Post to Post Family Ensign Island LLC.

Phyllis D. Collins to Mark J. Collins Jr. and Victoria C. Collins.

Andrew L. Cabot to Maud Cabot.

Maud Cabot to Maud Cabot 2012 Qualified Personal Residence Trust.

Darrell W. Crate to West Bay Farm Trust.

Nancy b. Crate and Nancy W. Crate to West Bay Farm Trust.

Watershoe LLC to West Bay Farm Trust.

James W. Stevens and Maureen P. Stevens to John David Willson.


Darren R. Doughty to Darren R. Doughty and Heidi Doughty.


Charles E. Stoneham and Inge K. Stoneham to Charles A. Stoneham.

Lys McLaughlin Pike to Nicholas McLaughlin Pike.

Natalie E. MacInnis Estate to Marthena M. Rowe.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Rachael McCormick.


Town of Montville to Malcolm Harriman.


Harris J. Bixler 2005 Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Harris J. Bixler.

Harris J. Bixler to Sarah A. Bixler and Alleson F. Bixler.

Harris J. Bixler 2005 Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Sarah A. Bixler and Alleson F. Bixler.

John d. Woolsey and Bette A. Woolsey to Benjamin S. Woolsey, Kate R. Rosen, Peter J. Woolsey and Peggy D. Regine Woolsey.


Lindell Family Living Trust to Christy M. Cram and Tery W. Moore.

Lindell Family Living Trust to Tery W. Moore.


Camden National Bank, George Sprowl, Monica Sprowl, Sprowl Building Components Inc., state of Maine and Maine state of to Camden National Bank.

Camden National Bank to Come Spring LLC.

John L. Cushman to George R. Cushman.


Town of Searsport to W & S Wood Products Inc.

Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County Inc. to Damien R. Brown and Holly E. Brown.

Robert George Mercier Estate to 1999 R.G. Stanley Family Revocable Trust and Nineteen Ninety Nine R.G. Stanley Family Revocable Trust.


Midcoast Ventures LLC to James R. Contant and Daniel J. Contant.

Laurie J. Seekins and Brian R. Seekins to Clinton L. Ginn Jr. and Ruth E. Ginn.


Town of Swanville to John T. Hines.


WEF-Bangor and Webber Energy Fuels-Bangor to M&H Family Holding LLC.


Patricia A. Healey-Thompson Estate to Thomas S. Richter and Louisanne M. Richter.


Steven E. Kennard and Jennifer E. Kennard to Steven E. Knapp.

Marc Savaria to Steven Johnson and Rachel Johnson.

Erika Cruz and Erika Zebel to Bangor Federal Credit Union.

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Posted by: Toni Mailloux | Jan 07, 2013 11:10

How wonderful to see the deed for the second Habitat home transferring to our partner family!

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