Waldo County deed transfers

Jan 13, 2013

The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Jan. 3 and Jan. 9, 2013.


John Lothrop Living Trust to WJKM LP.

John S. Grace Living Trust to Deanne L. Bielenberg.

Kathleen A. Berry and Kathleen Connolly to Debbie L. Murphy Revocable Trust.


Town of Brooks to Peter P. Roberts.

Town of Brooks to Peter P. Roberts.

Eloise Elwell to Dale R. Smith and Stacy L. Smith.


Francis R. Manner Sr. Testamentary Trust to Michael J. Manner.


Rachel Rolerson Smith and Ann Marie Mouw to Ann Marie Mouw.


Wayde A. Henry and Lassell J. Henry to Harold R. Buckner and Peggy A. Buckner.


Laverne R. Wenger and Louise T. Wenger to Paul R. Montgomery and Jill Montgomery.


Henry E. Sauer Jr. and Lauren N. Sauer to Jason Beraka.


Kenneth P. Nunn Jr. and Claudia E. Nunn to Hilty Family Revocable Living Trust.

Mark Stickland and Susan D. Strickland to Cody Greenlaw.


Tonya Foss, Fawn Foss Finley and Albert Foss Testamentary Trust to Robert N. Nichols III.


Green Tree Servicing LLC, Herbert W. Patterson Jr. and Diana L. Moody to Green Tree Servicing LLC.


Restore B. Smedley III and Suzanne K. Smedley to Kevin Gordon Mack and Lisa Anne Mack.

Mary Lou Herrington and Mary Aucoin to Michael R. Gould and Blaine Miller.


William M. Mercier and Laurie Mercier to Christopher Whitney, Brenda C. Whitney, Brenda L. Whitney, Brenda Laroche Whitney and Brenda C. Laroche.

Clinton L. Ginn Jr. and Ruth E. Ginn to Lewis S. Philbrick and Christine M. Philbrick.

Linda J. Calista to Howard Green and Katrine Anderson.


Marian O. Paton Estate to Joyce L. Benson.


DLJJ LLC to DAE Investment Properties LLC.

Bruce Bramwell, Brent Bramwell and William Cruz to Luther Churchill and Carol Churchill.


Mark L. Fowler and Laurie A. Fowler to Ryan B. Richards and Rebecca A. Toothaker.

Joseph Aquiilina and Carmen Claire Aquilina to Joseph Aquilina, Carmen Claire Aquilina and Christopher Thomas Aquilina.

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