Waldo County deeds

Oct 10, 2016

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Sept. 30 and Oct. 6.


Nancy Reed Tillett to Nancy Reed Tillett Revocable Trust.

Henry Pacino and Theresa Pacino to Juliane M. Dow.

Phoenix Row Investments LLC to Savitz LLC.

Rowenters LLC to Zachary A. Smith.

Philip M. Charbonnier and Paula C. O'Connor to Paula C. O'Connor.

Neil B. Edwards and Lynn D. Edwards to Rosann Theodora Davies and Meurig Twiston Davies.


Bridgit P. Sweeney to Keith E. Bitely.


James W. Bennett Estate to Mark W. Bennett Sr.


Darrell Long and Nancy E. Long to Brent Dow.

Clifford A. Herrick Estate to Keith L. Herrick.


James D. Schlegel to Christopher Percival and Deborah Walters.

Thomas L. Tufts to Jackia E. Gould.


Floyd E. Raven Jr. Estate to Brandy Raven.

Lucas B. Raven to Brandy L. Raven.

Judith A. Bennett and Stephen C. Bennett to Bennett Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.


Evelyn G. Whitehouse to Stone Columns LLC.


Gladys P. Holmes to Gladys P. Holmes Living Trust.


Jack Fahey to Jay Legore and Christine Legore.

Jay Legore to Jay Legore and Christine Legore.

Patricia L. Scates and Vernon M. Scates to Scates Family Irrevocable Trust.


John H. Nickerson to Dana Giuntini.

Patricia Mae Higgins to John D. Ketner and Wendy L. Ketner.

Shorts Lodestar LLC to Carol Ann Cole.

Marshall T. Cary to Jan Mark Jackerson and Mindy-Lynn Jackerson.

Dwight B. Emerson to Dwight Emerson Declaration of Trust.

Dwight B. Emerson to Dwight Emerson Declaration of Trust.


Daral R. Makahusz, Brenda L. Duffy and Brenda L. Makahusz to Makahusz Family Revocable Trust.

Kevin A. Bravo and Cynthia D. Bravo to Carlos Martinez and Michael A. Tirrell.

Charles Tanksley to Mary T. Hanrahan.

Terry M. Lamar to Sally A. Stanton Lamar and Sally A. Stanton.


James W. Grady to Shawna L. Grady.

Lloyd W. Milliken and Patsy R. Milliken to Naomi Christine Sherman and Michael Kent Sherman.


Joy G. Lewicki and Joy G. Wilson to Joy G. Wilson and Calvin L. Wilson.


Robert D. Austin and Michael J. Austin to Mary M. Austin and Robert E. Austin.

JL Robbins Trust to Walter M. Lamont Jr. and Darcie P. Lamont.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Diane-Marie S. Colby and Christopher C. Colby.

Joy G. Lewicki and Joy G. Wilson to Joy G. Wilson and Calvin L. Wilson.

Cell Tower Lease Acquisition LLC to Global Tower Assetts LLC.

KADO Inc. to George Parenteau Jr.

Stockton Springs

Robert Edward & Jo Ellen Lowell Revocable Trust to Janet L. MacDonald and Bruce A. MacDonald.

Michael S. Fuller and Carol Fuller to Samuel Fuller.

Vance F. Robbins to Patrick M. Hutchings and Bob Jack Hill.

Lorraine T. Shedlock to Karen L. Hardy.


Town of Swanville to Jeffrey Colby.

Town of Swanville to Brenda L. Cilley.

Jean L. Sparrow to Jean L. Sparrow Living Trust.


Cynthia M. Powers Estate to Robin A. Trudeau.

Barrie L. Fernald Living Trust to Malcolm R. Martin.

Sharon L. Mitchell to Jeromey M. House.

Jeromey M. House to Korei D. Moulton and Reginald E. Moulton.


Andrew S. Ettinger to Mary A. Oaks.

Gail E. Palmer to Mary A. Oaks.

Kathryn E. Trunzo and James D. Trunzo to Richard Galipeau.


Judith A. Souder to Rachel Goode and Eric Carlisle.

Sandra L. Auxier to Kelly A. Ernst.

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