Waldo County deeds

Jul 03, 2017

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between June 23 and June 29.


Lee Decarlo to Myrna Pearce.

Roxanna K. Morse and Roxanna J. Kelley to Leslie W. Morse Jr.

Brenda G. Dakin and Howard C. Dakin to Adam Sorrentino and Ashley Sorrentino.

Marcia Kiesel to Marcia Kiesel and Lawrence Robstock Jr.

Polly Hardy to Elizabeth Downing.


Nathan Ferland to Joanann Cloukey.

Tara M. Trafton to Wayne C. Trafton.

Cook & Huff Development Inc. to Wayne C. Trafton.


Dorothy A. Wellman and Joseph A. Wellman Sr. to Nicki J. Baker and Gerald J. Baker.


Katherine A. Bryant and Roy A. Bryant to Andrea Assael and Jeffrey Benjamin.

Gerald R. Sapulding to Mildred M. Skidgel.


Allen C. Brummert and Clara A. Brummert to Clara A. & Allen C. Brummert Living Trust No. 1

Pauline Olive Brown and Clayton Scott Brown to Clayton & Pauline Brown Family Trust.


Barbara A. Patrick to John E. Patrick.


Stephen E. Horton and Abby B. Horton to Horton Family Irrevocable Trust.

Beverly J. Larsen and Willard A. Larsen to Gregory L. Larsen.

Sallie Lee Harshbarger to Sallie Lee Harshbarger Trust.

Leroy E. Underhill and Carol A. Underhill to Terrie L. Kelly and John M. Kelly.


Sarah Hunnewell and Sarah Schaeffer to Sherrill K. Comeau and John P. Comeau.


Herbert C. Haynes Inc. and H C Haynes Inc. to Richard W. Monagle.

Robert Hooper to Lorraine A. Pratt and Bernard E. Pratt.

Foot In The Door Inc. to Foot In The Door Inc. and Carole Whelan.

Carole Whelan to Terry L. Littlefield and Margery E. Littlefield.

No Town Given

Larry S. Wilson to Larry S. Wilson and Debora J. Wilson.

Douglas Raven Sr. to Jeffrey A. Raven.


Marc Kadis to Margaret M. Long and David P. Staples.

Lightner Family Partnership to Allan E. Lightner III.

Phillip Reid to Donald E. Warner and Mary T. Warner.


Herbert C. Haynes Inc. and H C Haynes Inc. to Richard W. Monagle.

Janell Lederman, Karl Roggie, Galen Roggie, Joseph Roggie, Donald E. Roggie Hrs., Donald Roggie Hrs. to Ariel Morgan.

Scott Palotta and Sandra L. Pallotta to Brianna D. David.

Sandra G. Strahan and Clair S. Bradstreet to Brett R Randazzo.


Stephen E. Horton to Stephen E. Horton and Abby B. Horton.

Stephen E. Horton and Abby B. Horton to Horton Family Irrevocable Trust.

Paul M. Bissell Estate to Nancy Leonard.


Bruce A. Frazee to Melinda J. Frazee.

Loveley Properties LLC to Joann Rosikiewicz.

Martin Schindler and Kathleen Meehan to Debra J. Lewis.

Jillian S. Newman and Pamela S. Sothern to Ingrid C. Handrahan and Arthur W. Handrahan Jr.

Donna Dakin to Julie A. Desjardins and Raymond D. Johnson.

Charlene Hyde and Robert Hyde to Paulette Vance and Robert M. Hooper.

Stockton Springs

United States of America – HUD to Emma Thayer.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and American Advisors Group to Emma Thayer.

American Advisors Group to Emma Thayer.

Liversidge Property Development LLC to Stockton Harbor Marina LLC.

Liversidge Property Development LLC to Yacht Club LLC.

Estelle C. Zoll-Resnek Revocable Trust to Joann E. Dentry and Timothy J. Dentry


Claribel E. Marks to James A. Sebastiano and Kathryn Sebastiano.


Patrick M. Roach to Manuel Joseph Paz.

Clayton Larrabee and Winona Larrabee to Jennifer Larrabee and Derek Larrabee.

Alice L. Porter to Timothy Paul Porter and Mark Porter.


Thomas F. Byron and Dawn Byron to Dawn Byron and Thomas F. Byron.

United States of America -- HUD to Bank of America NA.


Kathy J. Anderson and Bruce R. Anderson to Kathy J. Anderson Living Trust.


Kevin Jewett to Kevin Jewett and Brenda L. Miles.


Dana Edwards to DAE Investment Properties LLC.

Linda Marie Montgomery Estate to Timothy Moran and Megan Moran.

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