Waldo County deeds

Sep 25, 2017

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Sept. 15 and Sept. 21.


Jason R. Romano and Julie A. Romano to Geoffrey Taylor.

Karen T. Caswell Living Trust to Roy A. Rodgers.

David A. Thanhauser to Paul Hamilton, Wayne Corey and Mark Dullea.

Megan R. Britton and Daniel J. Britton to Denise Bouchard.

Steven J. Holmbraker and Steve Holmbraker to John H. Zlotkowski and Wanda L. Zlotkowski.

John H. Zlotkowski and Wanda L. Zlotkowski to Melanie L. Zlotkowski and John Zlotkowski.

Carol Pestana and William Pestana to Caitlin E. May and Richard R. May.

Eldon Loblein to Sarah Elizabeth Stoffel and Gary Denis Stoffel.

Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, Christiana Trust TR, and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR to Craig Endicott.

United States of America – HUD to Linnehan Acceptance.


TD Bank NA to Kevin Jordan and Nancy Jordan.

Shirley M. Prescott to Shiree A. McNally.


Christina Huff to Scott J. Huff.


Dionna M. Roberts and Thomas E. Roberts to Amy Lee Martin and Kurt Ray Martin Jr.


Barbara Janelle and Donald G. Janelle to Michael Landgarten 2012 Revocable Trust.

Darcie P. Lamont and Walter Lamont Jr. to Maggie McGaw, Marthena Rowe and Morgan Rowe.


Patrica A. Ballou to Dennis J. Voda and Sarah S. Voda.

Dennis J. Voda and Sarah S. Voda to Sarah S. Voda and Dennis J. Voda.

Carla F. Jewett Revocable Trust to Ruby Long Slayden and John E. Slayden.

David D. Rice and Margaret D. Rice to James E. Mitchell.

Jean A. French Estate to Donald French.


Henry N. Hartley, Dale A. Hartley, Cheryl Ann Hartley and Cheryl Ann Hartley Farmer to Henry N. Hartley and Beverly A. Hartley.


John K. Tani to Morgan Elizabeth Graham and Benjamin Fraser Block.


Katherine M. King to Therese A. Durkee.

John H. Schleicher to Tarlings Properties LLC.

Martha J. Leavitt to Martha J. Leavitt Living Trust.


Scott S. Childs and Scott C. Childs to Natalie L. Childs.


Anita Dearborn to Marianne W. Smith.

Dennis H. Carignan and Georgette B. Carignan to Carsten Schulz.

Harlan F. Drinkwater and Donita E. Drinkwater to Fletchertown Farm & Cidery LLC.


Cheryl Remmillard to Finnie Mary Patricia Brennan.

William A. Krokyn Estate to Denice A. Kronholm and Jerod M. Kronholm.

William A. Krokyn Estate to Denice A. Kronholm and Jerod M. Kronholm.

Mary D. Rollerson and Mary D. Rollerson Trust to Broughman Builders Inc.

Stockton Springs

Thomas J. Owens III to Barbara Ahouse-Coulters.

Village at Stockton Harbor Condominium Association to Liversidge Property Development LLC.

Peter M. Hicks and Joanne Ryan to Barbara J. Lheureux Living Trust and Raymond R. Lheukreux Living Trust.


Bear Mountain LLC to Katharina Tanja Bosch.

Rowenters LLC to Carl A. G. Preyss and Albert E. Pryess.

Joyce M. Sprague to Beverly Sprague and Dean Sprague.

Brian A. Littlefield to Brian A. Littlefield and Cindy Farewell.


Kenneth A. Cunningham to Michelle Cunningham Belch, Douglas Mitchell Cunningham and Lisa Cunningham George.


Philip L. Coffin and Maria H. Coffin to CSG LLC.

John M. Flanzer and Dawn Flanzer to Jacob Smith.


Alberta R. Bialota and James M. Bialtoa Sr. to Keybank National Association.


Atwood Hobbs to Nathan A. Hobbs, Parker B. Hobbs, Taylor J. Hobbs and Shannon B. Cipro.

Jon Johnson and Jon Allen Johnson to Harli Maxwell and Trysten Pelkey.

Megan Hammond and Jeffrey Hammond to Kendra Jeanne Glueck.

Hugh M. Porter to Erin L. Bridges and Dylan R. Bridges.

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