Waldo County deeds

May 14, 2018

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between May 4 and May 10.


David M. Hallbert and Nina A. Hallbert to David M. & Nina A. Hallbert Revocable Living Trust.

Psaltry Enterprises LLC to MI H Sprague and Michael B. Sprague.

City of Belfast to Building 6 LLC.

DUBBA LLC to Building 6 LLC.

Anne T. Abercrombie to Peter Farquhar.

Marion A. Albert and Gilbert J. Albert to Linda P. Tyler.

Cecily Marie Wilson Trust to Eldred Michael Himsworth Trust.


Pamela Young, Andrea A. Ribeiro, Deutsche Alt-B Securities Mortgage Loan Trust and HSBC Bank USA National Association Trust to HSBC Bank USA National Association Trust and Deutsche Alt-B Securities Trust.


Joyce L. Lachmund Estate to Nehlsen Lachmund, Jesse R. Furman and Bruce W. Furman.

Larry Brown and Larry G. Brown to Larry G. Brown and Christopher G. Brown.


Nancy G. Buckley and Michael J. Buckley to Max M. Buckley.

Nancy G. Buckley and Michael J. Buckley to Zachary D. Buckley.


Francis L. Higginson to Jane B. Richards and James C. Colihan.

John J. Emery Trust to Ethan Emery.

Charles R. Donald Estate to Dylan Purington.


Paulette J. Dodge to Gem Irrevocable Trust.

Agnes Marie Feldman 3rd Party SNT to Christopher D. Huck.


David M. Hallbert, Nina A. Hallbert and David Mason Hallbert to David M. & Nina A. Hallbert Revocable Living Trust.

Renee M. Perry and Henry T. Perry to Thomas & Renee Melita Perry Joint Revocable Trust.


Nancy M. Freeman, Constance M. Hill and Constance M. Harrison to Donald P. Mann.

Ronnie B. Hanby Living Trust to Ronnie B. Hanby.

Arline Sampson Estate to Sharon L. Sampson.

Arline Sampson Estate to Glenn A. Sampson.

Antoinette M. Scoppa to Mary Hilliard Moran, Peter E. Moran, Edward J. Moran and Doris Moran.

Antoinette M. Scoppa to Tandra L. Cadigan.

Antoinette M. Scoppa to Donte Louise Calarco.

Nancy H. Ford to Sarah Lemieux and Raymond P. Lemieux.


Christine R. Dean and Kathleen M. Root to Arne Ray Smith and Adrienne Frances Hofmann.


HSBC Bank USA National Association Trust and Renaissance Home Equity Loan to Cheryl Lee Willis and Bria Dean Bonfietti.


James Michael Mugford to Carol L. Latta and Thomas A. Latta.

Town of Northport to Kristin Hutt Hansen.

Town of Northport to Nancy & Francis Wheat Trust.

Town of Northport to Nancy & Francis Wheat Trust.

Elizabeth Nancy Erickson to Matthew Ahearn.


Ashlie R. McKenney, Ethan M. Stubbs and Ashlie R. Stubbs to Daren W. Sanchez Jr. and Sarah M. Sanchez.

Cail V. Clark to Alexis Whitney Thongdeng.


Mulrey Family Trust to George Mulrey Family Trust.

Douglas K. Fraser, Kurt D. Fraser and Jamie M. Fraser to Jamie M. Fraser and Kurt D. Fraser.

Daniel H. Ackley, Lynn Deboo and Bank of America NA to Bank of America NA.

Sarah E. Johnson and Brett W. Johnson to Joy M. Longfellow.


Henry Bussiere to Doris Bussiere.


Rick A. Olivier and Deborah A. Olivier to Rebecca Heise.

Maine Farmland Trust Inc. to James C. Buckle II.

Carol J. Fowler and Carol J. Fowler to Heidi J. Hilton.


Dora C. Doak Estate to David B. Putnam Jr. and Marcia N. Heath.


Merita Lindsey to Bobbie Lindsey.

Brian W. Brown to Brian W. Brown and Karen Brown.

ZSH Properties LLC to Paula A. Rich and Maureen Hedges.

Robert L. Reynolds to Rose A. Reynolds.

Glen A. Newey, Patricia J. Leonard and Patricia J. Newey to Michael J. Vollmer.

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