Waldo County deeds

Sep 04, 2018

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Aug. 24 and Aug. 30.


Joseph E. Robson to Daniel Gagnon and Michele Gagnon.

Ray F. Dollar and Vickie P. Dollar to Jack and Deborah Busby Trust.

Richard A. Hall to Rodney A. Hall and Richard A. Hall Jr.

Josephine Y. Pendleton Living Trust and Josephine Y. Pendleton Administrative Irrevocable Trust to Mary M. Klimek and Daniel E. Klimek.

Julia Daley to Belfast Water District.

Beverly J. Pickering and Roger S. Pickering to Pickering Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.


John G. Boynton to Rosie K. Boynton.


Virgil Thompson to Andrew J. Pierce.


Joan F. Whitcomb to Becca Leeann Whitcomb and Rodney M. Whitcomb Jr.


Kathryn Darlene Kimball and Kathryn Darlene Constable to Kathryn Darlene Constable and Kathryn Darlene Kimball.


Louise K. Smith Estate to Deborah G. Randall and Jay D. Randall.

Eugene Lee Sullivan Estate to Corie Skidgell.

Duane S. Jewett and Kimberly E. Jewett to Jewett Living Trust.


Joyce Y. Feeney and John H. Feeney to Maine Terrain LLC.

Benjamin Hardy, Lisa Hagin, Stephen Hardy and Willard Hardy Jr. to Geoffrey M. Nosach.

Bryan A. LaCombe to Robert Wert.

Kyle M. Upton to Beth Nute and Beth M. Upton.

Beth M. Upton and Beth Nute to Gavin Decker Griffith and Thomas W. Griffith.

Allan E. Nawrot to Allan E. Nawrot and Kristel Jean Nawrot.


Barbara Rado Mosseau and Thomas L. Mosseau to Dillon Investments LLC.

Julie Marston, Matthew Marston, Julie A. Marston, Matthew J. Marston and Matthew J. Marston Sr. to Marston Family Trust.


Sandra J. Place to Nicholas P. Cullen.


Douglas A. Fournier to Karen L. Briggs.

Clayton R. Woodbury to Hannah R. Merchant, Nanette W. Merchant and Clayton R. Woodbury.

Dana Giuntini to Peter Rackcliffe.

S. Joel Karp to S. Joel Karp 2016 Trust.


Ralph E. and Donna A. Folsom Living Trust to Timothy Gooch.


Broughman Builders Inc. to Victoria M. Curtis and Stephen E. Curtis.

John E. Tibbetts, Michelle Tibbetts and Pennymac Holdings LLC to Pennymac Holdings LLC.


Fuller Family Trust to Loren W. Cole and Deborah W. Cole.

Iva G. McElravy Estate to Randolph L. Ashey.

Keith Harriman to Daniel Rich.

Rhonda Colcord, Rhoda Sutfin and Rhonda Altman to Logan Jay Bowden and Brennen Earl Bowden.


Patricia Pellegrino and Patricia Wright to Marvel F. Mayotte.

Donald S. Bubar and Roberta J. Bubar to Spencer K. Harjung.


Virgil Thompson to Kassey Thompson.


Carol L. Mandzik to Kezzie Elizabeth Woodbury and Jordan Phillip Curtis Woodbury.

Margaret M. Corey to Allen D. Kelliher and Elizabeth A. Kelliher.

Catherine R. Garrett and Andrew S. Garrett to Kaitlyn R. Weaver and Craig A. Weaver.

Bernhoff A. Dahl to Christopher R. Smith.

Diane F. Young to Wendy Lynds and Kevin Lynds.

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