Waldo County deeds

Oct 29, 2018

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Oct. 19 and Oct. 25.


Marsha P. Kaplan to Thomas B. Murphy Revocable Trust.

Daniel Fitzgerald and Lynn Fitzgerald to Timothy D. Dutch and Jean I. Dutch.

Roxanne M. Henderson to Wayne A. Fitzjurls.

Bonin Masonry to Stone Coast Homes LLC.

Reynolds R. Ritchie and Heidi L. Ritchie to Andrew Staples.

Barbara A. Grass to Andrew Staples.

Rodney C. Merrithew to Rodney C. Merrithew Living Trust.


Gary L. Fisher and Melba D. Fisher to Belfast City Properties LLC.

JL Robbins Trust to James L. Robbins.


Donald S. Bubar and Roberta J. Bubar to Jaime Lyn Young and William R. Young.

Bruce A. Spaulding and Barry Hughes to Harold R. Henriksen and Susan A. Henriksen.


Roland Robitaille III, Ronald Robitaille III, and Angela Robitaille to Robert Hamel Jr. and Robert Hamel Sr.

Joseph J. Calista to Freedome13 LLC.


Denise Glick and Larry Glick to Jacob A. Ojala.


Bryan A. LaCombe and Deanna R. Lacombe to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Thomas F. Crowley Jr. and Nelle C. Crowley to Lincolnville Sewer District.

Enrico Ross and Bruce Ross to Richard B. Prather and Karen S. Prather.

Randall W. Creamer and Judy A. Creamer to Emily R. Creamer and Andrew Lewis.


Daniel J. Ford to Katherine Lowe Allen and Frank A. Allen.

Town of Monroe to Walter Rich and Janet Rich.

Town of Monroe to Daniel Potocki and Pauline Derenzo-Potocki.


William P. Terry and Lori L. Terry to Parnell W. Terry and Maureen F. Terry.

No town listed

Bryan A. LaCombe to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.


James H. Nealey to Thomas C. Olds and Alison C. Olds.

Gary MacArthur and Linda MacArthur to MacArthur Family Irrevocable Trust.

Deane P. Wood to Charles Gerry II and Rachelle Cummings-Gerry.


Devora L. Stager Trust to Christopher L. Kierstead and Dinah G. Kierstead.

Laura S. MacKay to Debra Hofmann and Irving Hofmann.

Barbara R. Morrison to Barbara R. Morrison Revocable Trust.

Jack Walters to Marianne N. Harmon and Steven G. Harmon.

Stockton Springs

Dayle A. Bjorklund and Karl R. Bjorklund to Massimo Ranni and Anne Marie Ranni.

Rodney C. Merrithew to Rodney C. Merrithew Living Trust.


Vicki Littlefield and Vicki-Lynn M. Littlefield to Blaine A. Littlefield and Vicki Littlefield.

Michael E. Wood and Nathan S. Wood to Mark M. Freedman and Janet M. Freedman.


Barry A. Tweedie, Valerie J. Tweedie, Bruce B. Tweedie and Katherine G. Tweedie to Bruce B. And Katherine G. Tweedie.


CSG LLC to Michael P. Sweeton and Deborah M. Sweeton.

Patricia L. Newell and Donald L. Newell to Charlene E. Philbrook.

John Carter and Kaci Carter to Lynette Davenport.


Elizabeth M. Joy to Joshua S. Joy.


Beatrice L. Raymnet Estate to Jared Oroak and Mary Oroak.

Garth A. Wilbanks to Russell G. Cole and Wendy C. Cole.

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