Waldo County deeds

Mar 18, 2019

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between March 8 and March 14.


Clyde A. Rolerson to Michael Rolerson.

Marcia E. Ladd-Spears and Marcia E. Ladd to Daniel J. Ladd and Maureen G. Ladd.

High Street Properties LLC to Neal Cowles.

Robin Lewis to John Lewis.


Lois G. Merchant to Joseph F. Cyr and Julie A. Cyr.


Troy S. Harriman to Christopher M. Gowen and Bonnie Gowen.

Popular ABS Inc. and Bank of New York Mellon Trust to 2019 Castle LLC and Two Thousand Nineteen Castle LLC.


Bessey Thor-Knox Farms Trust to Kevin Daly and Marshall Daly.


JMA Realty Trust to Duncan S. Milne and Therese L. M. Milne.

John R. Secor Stock Trust to Glen M. Secor Stock Trust, Heidi J. Coen and Traci L. Britten.


Christopher Moody and Cara Moody to Walter Lamont Jr.


Bruce E. Chamberlain and Kathleen L. Chamberlain to Kaitlynn Annmarie McGuire and Marta Agata Laszkiewicz.

Peter J. Hayden and Sarah L. Fischer to Sarah L. Fischer.

Sarah L. Fischer to Peter J. Hayden and Sarah L. Fischer.


Suzanne M. Jelley Estate to Mark P. Jelley and Scott A. Jelley.


Cheryl M. Woodbury and James B. Woodbury to Frank J. Ciaramitaro Jr.


Mary Elizabeth Taylor to Ronald E. Parkinson.

Judy Brewer Johnson Living Trust to Judy Brewer Johnson Living Trust.

James W. Cilley to Robin L. Heiges and Amy L. Sidone.

Barbra L. Simmons to Sean Pinkham.


Francois J. Rodrigue to Frank Berenyi.


James A. Nelson and Sarah E. Nelson to Maggie Q. Karoff and Adam R. Williams.


Frances Thibodeau Cust. to Megan L. Blake and Megan L. Thibodeau.

Frances Thibodeau Cust. to Sara E. Jacobs and Sara E. Thibodeau.

M G Properties LLC to Evan J. Hutchins and Alana I. Hutchins.

Midland Trust Company to Midland Trust Company Cust.

Stockton Springs

Robert M. Marcus and Amy Ritzhaupt to Justin Leonard and Jennifer Leonard.

Thomas B. Greenlaw to Cody B. Greenlaw.


Bessey Thor-Knox Farms Trust to Kevin Daly and Marshall Daly.


Judith D. Trundy and Judith D. Myrick to Dana B. Waugh and June Marie Dixon.


Charles E. Morris and Vickie L. Morris to Kaileigh M. Porter and Neal G. Delowery.

Meadow Ridge Farm LLC to Rebecca A. Richards and Ryan B. Richards.

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