Waldo County deeds

Sep 09, 2019

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between Aug. 23 and Sept 5.


Julie A. Schafflinger to Brooke Elizabeth Bartlett and Heath Brent Kneller.

Janet L. Whitney to Lisa M. Milne and Thomas J. Milne.

David E. Noyes Estate to Sarah A. Ogle.

Leo F. Pelleriti and Brona L. Pelleriti to Warren Slotnick.

Brownie Irrevocable Trust to Elizabeth Whitman.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR and RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust 2018-1 to Elizabeth M. Joy and Patricia M. Kelley.

Mary Ellen Kranz to Marcia P. Teichner Revocable Trust and Zaven Koltookian.

Jacqueline Lee to Jason M. Robeson and Megan S. Hauger.

Sara Ruffin to Mechtild Petritsch and William Holaday.

John R. P. French III to Andrew Butler and Monicque Helen Deschamps.

Linda K. Aroyan Survivor Trust to Jennifer N. Pye and Nicholas I. Pye.

Juliane Dow to Richard J. Brown.


Melissa Sue Collins to Wayne Trafton.


Derek Grenier to Holli J. Silva and Lee D. Silva.


Brenda Grotton Gamage to Delbert H. Dodge.

Delbert H. Dodge to Jodi Dodge.


Michael G. MacDougall to Boatie LLC.

Islesboro Pre-school to Stone Columns LLC.

Wanda M. Henry to Creek House LLC.

John E. Barron and Jamie H. Barron to Islesboro Harbor View LLC.

David S. Palmer Supplemental Care Trust to River Lake Two Inc.

Cynthia R. Hanson 2003 Revocable Trust to Maureen Brennan.


Town of Knox to Albert I. Remsen.

Town of Knox to Ryann Kenny.


Richard D. Warren Estate to Joseph L. Meadows and Kathryn E. Meadows.

Town of Liberty to Donald Paul Freeman Sr. and Vivian L. Freeman.

Town of Liberty to Jeffrey S. Crawford and Patricia A. Crawford.

Roger A. Sprague to Daniel S. Groves.

Shute Family Living Trust to Donna M. Flynn and David V. Shute.

David V. Shute and Donna M. Flynn to Harry D. & Olive B. Shute Family LLC.

Beverly C. Parker Estate to Derrick c. Bates and Mariah M. Bates.


Joan R. Shaw Estate to Wm Gregg & Pennie D. Imus Family Trust.

Marie A. Pierce to Ryan A. Pierce and Siera Pierce.

Craig R. Quellett to Ian H. Collins and Vina E. Lindley.


Town of Monroe to Bruce Frolock.

Dillon Investments LLC to Simply Maine Land LLC.


Annette H. Light, Gary L. Light and Annette H. Nute to Annette H. Light and Gary L. Light.

Kevin A. Hoover and Alyssa N. Reich to Samuel T. Brelsfoard and Stephanie G. Hayes.

Lisa Newcomb to William Hyatt Oherin to Midcoast Conservancy.

Lisa Newcomb to Midcoast Conservancy.

No location listed

Debbie L. Gross to Celia A. Gross.


Jo-Ann Nealey to Dale Nealey.

Jo-Ann Nealey to David W. and Sandra J. Gaylor Living Trust.

Betty L. Martinsen and Eric Martinsen to Joshua E. Outerbridge and Tracey Y. Outerbridge.

Harris J. Bixler to William Laurance Wagner.

Alleson F. Bixler and Sarah A. Bixler to Atheline N. Wagner and William Laurance Wagner.

Alleson F. Bixler, India Jane Bixler Tonkin and Elizabeth Mary Bixler Tonkin to Anna W. Poto and William Laurance Wagner.

Alessandra S. Martinelli to Thomas P. Martinelli.


Van E. Hertel to Adam A. Higgins and Melissa A. Higgins.

John Sanders to John Donohue Curtin and James Curtin.


Carol A. Johnson and Donald P. Johnson Jr. to Donald P. Johnson Jr.

Donald P. Johnson Jr. and Carol A. Johnson to Donald P. Johnson Jr.


John Nicholas Leith Smith and Leith Smith to James H. Lott Jr. and Hannah A. Lott.

Richard W. Ames to Calvary Chapel Belfast.

Carmen Bristol and Martin Delgado to Edwin I. Rivera and Adan Perez.


Betty B. Johnson and Lyle W. Johnson to Johnson Family Revocable Living Trust.

Charles K. Thompson to Jamie L. Thompson and Eric C. Thompson.

Baxter R. Cook Sr. and June E. Cook to Jedidiah C. Colby and Tracy Colby.

Brandon J. Seekins and Christine A. Brassbridge to Dana A. Hayden and Pricilla M. Brown.

Town of Searsport to Charlie Lewis and Misty Lewis.

Stockton Springs

Mark E. Bacon to William J. Gillis and Harriet E. Clark.

Shirley J. Bishop and Sharon BA Chase to Christin Chase.

Sharon Jancarek and Stephen Jancarek to Patty Ann Wynn and Timothy Wynn.

Paulina Joyce to Lora Louise Lindyberg and Robert Francis Lindyberg.

Richard Butler and Kandise K. Butler to Thomas F. Babor and Barbara A. Babor.


Michael E. Wood Sr. and Michael E. Wood Jr. to Linda McIntire and Christopher McIntire.

Leon W. Howard Jr. to Leon W. Howard Living Trust.

Lohman Gardiner Jr. to Baxter G. Smith and Tristan J. Smith.

Joyce M. Page to Karen L. Page.

Thomas E. Beal and Vicki L. Beal to Thomas E. Beal Jr. and Christopher J. Beal.

Jason Cook to Bear Mountain LLC.

Bear Mountain LLC to Jason Cook.

Jason L. Perkins to Jerry Dale Gould Jr. and Rebecca Lynn Gould.

Michael Dale Moody and Karen Lee Greatorex to Michael Dale Moody and Karen Lee Greatorex.


Walter S. Hacik to Michael E. Bosco and Theresa M. Bosco.

Micah L. Whitaker and Stacey L. Whitaker to Marc L. Roberge.


Anthony J. Cost Family Realty Trust to Robert L. Peaslee.

Robert L. Couturier Estate and Robert Couturier Estate to Robert R. Couturier Trust.

Brian Warman and Lynn Warman to Keith Hunter and Chrissy Hunter.


Leon A. Huard to Donald Rose and Marcy Rose.


Holly L. Brown and Regina M. Mitchell to Taylor Rose Hamor and Brandon Brasslett.

Winterport EMEP LLC to Breakthrough Properties LLC.

Rose Marie Dunton to Edward C. Russell.

Edward C. Russell to Ernest L. Colson.

Peter Andrew McCluskey to Hilary H. Grover and Marie Amelie Bernon.

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