Waldo County deeds

Oct 28, 2019

The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 21 through Oct 25 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Roger J. Stephenson and Shirley M. Stephenson to David Cardavelli.

Julie M. Gray and Julie M. Bowen to Malory K. Bowen.

Kathleen Mae Knight Est. to Harvey S. Knight.

Elisabeth Wolfe and Michael S. Cunning to Joseph R. Woods and Susan R. Woods.


John L. Richards Sr. and Brian A. Staples to Kariann L. Osgood.


Gavin A. Miles, Gregory S. Miles, Ernest H. Miles Est. and Ernest H. Miles Heirs to Gregory S. Miles.


Paul R. Smith Est. to Paul Cuyler Smith.


Robert B. Albro Jr. and Lisle L. Albro to Robert Bruce Albro Jr. Revocable Trust of 2019 and Lisle Leonard Albro Revocable Trust of 2019.

Paul D. Kazilionis to West Shore Drive LLC.

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust 2019-1 and Wilim


Joyce M. Abrahamson to Evan T. Phillips.


John W. Campbell Jr. Est. to John W. Campbell Jr. Revocable Trust.

John W. Campbell Jr. Revocable Trust to Midcoast Conservancy.

Scott Kunesh to Mary Jane Welch and Thomas D. Welch.

Town of Liberty to Peter M. Sheff and Kimberly S. Sheff.

Marilyn A. Jewett to Kevin Jewett and Benda Miles-Jewett.


Charlotte T. Iserbyt to Cindy J. Valentino and John G. Valentino.

Charles N. Brinkmann and Valerie B. Brinkmann to Milan Babik.

Shantanu Lal and Kavita Mohan to Shantanu Lal and Kavita Mohan.


David A. Gibbs to David A. Gibbs Revocable Trust.


Diane M. Kischitz to Myles Richard Rehlander and Whitney Rehlander.

Simply Maine Land LLC to Ronald Farnham.


James B. Sprague to Amber L. Ripley, Travis J. Ripley and James B. Sprague.


Dona W. McKee and Michael L. McKee to Kenneth C. McKinley and Susan McKinley.

Ann-Marie Giroux and Norman Giroux to Marie B. Weber and Stephen L. Weber.


Edward Cullivan and Jean Cullivan to Henry E. Holden.

Jeffrey R. Dyer Est. to Jeffrey Richard Dyer Jr. and Ilyda Vera Mae Dyer.


Jeffrey A. Rojo to Jeffrey A. Rojo and Beth Alison Jones.

Dana F. Bowden to Kenneth Cox and Felicia Gail Gary.

Margaret H. Griff to Catherine Robbins-Halsted and Christian Halsted.


Baxter R. Cook Sr. and June E. Cook to Robert Butterworth.

Elisabeth Chantal Ackerman and Elizabeth Chantal Ackerman to Georgina B. Fry.

Connie L. Sarnacki and Walter P. Sarnacki to P. James Nicholson and Faye W. Nicholson.

Carroll F. Martin, Darrell Otis Martin and Eleanor Martin to Jedidiah Colby and Tracy Colby.

Susan Bowen Lane to Robert Kenneth Bowen and Sandra J. Bowen.

Michele Saidak Bormet and Michelle S. Cousins to Robert A. Achorn and Linda L. Achorn.

Cathy Cross to John E. Wing.


Tyson R. Rowe to Ray Swan.


Michael S. Clark to Sarah Kuntz and Jeri L. Kuntz.

Annette Reynolds and Annette McCormick to Margaret T. Camden and Benjamin H. Darling.

John H. Nelson to Robert N. Nelson.


Donna M. Carr Est. to Deborah J. Childers.

Howard L. Harvey to Misty Jo Ames.


David J. Witham Est. to Community Real Estate Solutions.

Roger N. Michaud to Nicole Jean Davis and Nicole J. Smith.

Bernard D. Ginn Jr. and Sonja M. Ginn to James A. Mahonen Jr.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Mr. Cooper and Phoebe Wassel to GTA Rental Real Estate LLC.

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