Waldo County towns celebrate Memorial Day

By Staff | May 26, 2014
Photo by: Dan West The color guard led the parade past the Fraternity Village General Store shortly after 9 a.m.

Despite some wet weather in the morning, hundreds of Mainers came out to celebrate Memorial Day around Waldo County.

Residents of Searsmont were also celebrating the town's bicentennial on top of its usual Memorial Day festivities. It held a parade at 9 a.m. that made its way from South Main Street to North Main Street.

The parade lasted for nearly one hour and drew hundreds of spectators. Fire departments from around the county came to participate. Candy thrown from the trucks had children scampering through the puddles to collect the sweets.

The parade made its way through Searsmont, pausing briefly for a prayer and laying of a wreath in remembrance of those who died while serving in the armed forces. The parade included antique tractors, local Girl Scout troops and Uncle Same even made an appearance.

The Belfast parade began after the rain at 10 a.m. in the Renys Plaza parking lot, proceeded down Route 3 to the Pine Grove Cemetery where memorial ceremonies were held at each flag post, and continued down Main Street to the flag post at the waterfront where a final ceremony was held.

Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts participated in the parade along with a wide variety of vehicles, from an antique fire truck to four wheelers. The parade drew a modest crowd along Main Street and in the cemetery, and lasted about one and a half hours.

In Searsport, the soggy weather made for a relatively light crowd, but those who turned out watched the festivities while under the cover of umbrellas, raincoats and hooded sweatshirts.

Local veterans led the parade procession, and also had representation from the area Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, as well as emergency crews from Searsport and neighboring towns, including Stockton Springs and Prospect.


Uncle Sam handing American flags during the parade in Searsmont. (Photo by: Dan West)
Searsmont is celebrating its bicentennial with events throughout the year. (Photo by: Dan West)
Fire trucks from around Waldo County participated in the Searsmont parade. (Photo by: Dan West)
A model battleship sailed down Main Street in Searsmont during the annual Memorial Day parade. (Photo by: Dan West)
Several antique tractors rumbled through Searsmont during the parade. (Photo by: Dan West)
The Searsmont parade closed with a horse and buggy. (Photo by: Dan West)
Kaitlyn and Landon Ryan watch as the Belfast Area High School Band drummers march by during the Belfast Memorial Day parade. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
Miralys Duperre, left, and McKenna Sullivan, right, toss candy to spectators while riding in a 1967 Camero in the Belfast parade. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
The Belfast parade makes one of three stops in the Pine Grove Cemetery, to read a proclamation and lay a memorial wreath. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
Shots are fired as part of the ceremony at Pine Grove Cemetery in Belfast. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
Members of the Frank D. Hazeltine Post of the American Legion and Sons of the American Legion march down Main Street during the Belfast parade. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
Local Girl Scout and Daisy Scout troops march down Main Street in the Belfast parade. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
Belfast Area High School Band plays patriotic tunes during the Belfast Memorial Day parade. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
Veterans of Foreign Wars ride in a float in the Belfast parade. (Photo by: Jordan Bailey)
Parade-goers wore hoodies, raincoats and stodd beneath umbrellas for the Searsport Memorial Day parade. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
Local veterans led the parade procession on Main Street. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
Some parade participants wore big smiles, despite the rainy morning. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
Members of Girl Scout Troop 2908 march along the parade route. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
This parade participant was ready to catch the raindrops. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
The Searsport District High School Band provided music for the celebration. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
Members of the Searsport Fire Department pass by the crowd. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
Emergency crews from surrounding towns, including Stockton Springs and Prospect, brought several vehicles to the parade. (Photo by: Tanya Mitchell)
Comments (5)
Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 29, 2014 11:01

Leslie, you are misinformed. It is the corrupt local real estate agents, corrupt Belfast City Hall/Council and supporting businesses that destroy the lives and properties of innocent Belfast residents that I abhor. I stand for democracy alone and take the hits while protecting my children and our basic rights.

This is into my home. I have no one to protect me, no one to support me, no attorney's to help me. The little I had left after a history of family abuse, I sunk into this relocation to begin again, joyfully, peacefully and privately. Corrupt Belfast City Hall and the real estate  agents with their recommended property inspector robbed me and keep kicking me.

I have taken refuge in my home. I have been alienated and am open season for anyone wishing to take a shot at me. Proven here, there, everywhere. Memorial Day is my happy day to come out of the house and safely into the public   I honor my Dad and veterans that died for the democracy that allow me my freedom to do the same. I do so respectfully and emotionally every year.

It is a very personal honor to be part of the Belfast that is real and true. This is the Belfast I know and love. To have a professional from this paper, knowingly violate basic respect and space of others on sacred ground with a sacred memorial ceremony underway... That was wrong.

It is wrong for all that attack me but that is democracy. This morning, I was protesting on the corner of Seaview Terrace and Northport Ave. for the corrupt rezoning of our residential neighborhood to Housing and Healthcare land use. Regardless of "provisions" that the City Planner, Wayne Marshall may try to snow(den) us with, a methadone clinic or the likes will be an approved use and my next door neighbor.

I waved good morning to passing cars, even to Belfast DPW, Bob Richards (not reciprocated). Many waved and smiled, one man(over 50 in a new model rust colored Maine plates SUV) gave me the finger, as did my Alaska neighbor. I did not expect that from her. Snowden's interview last night resonate's the same behaviors and tactics. The true know and stand. And sleep. Sleep and music is my happy no one will ever steal again. See me at Belfast Summer Nights with a good band- I'll be dancin' with myself..oh, oh. oh. oh


Posted by: Leslie Lavender | May 28, 2014 21:26

Laurie, We get it, you abhor Belfast and everyone associated with it. You NEVER have anything good to post. Happiness is a do-it-yourself project. It is certainly your right to express your venom, but I feel for you. Nobody should be so negative all the time. I agree with Jeff, you need a massive dose of happy and a big, frosty mug of, well, you know.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 28, 2014 06:22

Respect is not in your realm. Disrespect and dishonor has become an epidemic. Spread by Belfast City Hall, the greedy, weak and fearful follow suit, wiping their feet on the messenger. All have all watched this same failure in humanity through out the world, through out history, and look the other way when it is hitting home. It takes strength and hope to keep delivering the same message alone, day after day, week after week, year after year. Wipe away.

Posted by: Jeff Davis | May 28, 2014 05:09

Holy smokes, ma'am! Talking about raining on a person's parade?  You should really get a cat or something. You need a dose of happy worse than anybody I ever of.

Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 27, 2014 10:54

This ceremony at the Grove Cemetery was sacrilegious. An honor to attend and reflect on the gift these veterans freely gave to all. To honor my deceased WWII Veteran Dad, Thankful every moment for the freedom to take a stand. Unfortunately, a photographer took a disrespectful stand. Walking on graves during the ceremony, into my video. I stopped recording, hoping she would take her shot and leave. She did not, I began recording again. It made me sick. 100_0073.MP4

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