Waldo County Triad 'feeling lucky' in its thirteenth year

Feb 27, 2013

Waldo County Triad began its thirteenth year in 2013 "feeling lucky" about continuing its protection and support of senior citizens in Waldo County. Since 2000, in association with the seventeen other Maine Triads, Waldo County Triad has used its partnerships with other community based organizations and senior citizen groups to improve the security and safety of Waldo County’s senior citizens.

As it has done in previous years, in 2012, Triad took part in the National Drug Take-Back Days last spring and fall. Maine has had large quantities of drugs returned for disposal in those events. During those events, Waldo County Triad collected a total of 444.6 pounds of pills. To enable safe disposal of these drugs, Triad purchased a secure drug box and located it in the lobby of the new sheriff's office at 6 Public Safety Way in Belfast.

The Triad also accepts winter coats for distribution to senior adults in need. Quarterly it publishes and distributes at no cost to Waldo County seniors a newsletter that addresses their expressed needs and concerns.

Seniors can purchase luminous vests from Waldo County Triad, which make their walking safer day or night. The vests are great for wearing at any time as the luminous color can help make pedestrians more visible to drivers.

Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m. at the New Sherriff’s Office, 6 Public Way, in Belfast. Waldo country citizens interested in more information are welcome to attend meetings or can learning more about the work of the Waldo County Triad by contacting Jeff Trafton at 338-6786.

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Posted by: Paul Sheridan | Feb 28, 2013 19:09

Triad is also involved in collecting old cell phones.  These will be used for a “recycling” credit, to supply local law enforcement agencies in their effort to provide emergency cell phones at no cost to senior citizens and victims of abuse in our area.

Millions of cell phones are retired every month in the US alone.  This recycling effort will help divert some of those phones from landfills and help us stay focused on the needs of the community.

Law enforcement offices, Town Offices and middle and high schools in Waldo County will accept cell phones for use in the 911 Cell Phone program or for recycling, at their locations.  The co-operating company, RMS Communications, will not charge consumers or TRIAD for this service, and all phones collected that cannot be used in the emergency cell phone program will be responsibly recycled.

For more information, you may contact me at 322-3961, Paul Sheridan

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