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By Jordan M Bailey | Mar 27, 2014

by Tom Seymour

Mud season 2014 has arrived. Yes, that much-awaited time of year when potholes proliferate like mushrooms in September, began last week. I’d place the date, just for conversation’s sake, at March 20, the first day of spring.

It occurs to me that some readers may not live in Maine and read these pages because a family member or loved one has Maine connections. So let me define mud season. In early spring, when the top layer of ground, be it dirt roads, dooryards or just paths to the barn or woodshed, thaws, everything turns to a sea of mud. Older houses had something called, “mud rooms.” These were special rooms where people kept their muddy boots. Mud rooms also had special boot jacks, wooden devices that aid in removal of mud-encrusted boots.

Some people keep special boards meant for spanning wet spots on paths and these are only used in mud season and put in storage for the rest of the year. Mud season, love it or hate it, is a rite of spring, the same as tapping maple trees and picking bouquets of pussy willows. And that, in a nutshell, is mud season.

Perchin’ Prediction

Only five days left until opening day of fishing in brooks, streams and rivers. Will weather cooperate? Will streams have lost their covering of ice and snow? Will people, as usual, think I’m crazy to go out fishing in snow, ice and cold? Stay tuned for the answers in next week’s column.

Farewell, RFD Maine

It pains me to announce that my column, RFD Maine, has gotten axed. I truly enjoyed writing it and enjoyed even more all the phone calls, emails and personal contact with readers who told me how much they enjoyed my column. But the newspaper has decided to do away with my country wisdom-style of commentary and wants to devote more space on the editorial page to political viewpoints.

And since I write several columns for the paper and other people only write one column, I’m the one getting cut. This sounds to me like re-distribution of wealth, a popular theme in today’s political theater. And speaking of the political theater, once I found out that my country column was going down, I asked for the job of conservative political columnist. And so I was awarded a new column, one that offers an opposing view to the liberal or democrat stance.

So now instead of reading my take on the simple things and country life in general, you’ll see me discussing the latest political shenanigans of the left.

For those who will miss reading RFD Maine, let me steer you toward my blog, Wild Plants and Wooly Bears. This has much the same material as RFD Maine. You can gain access to it by going online to: www.wildplantsandwoolybears.blogspot.com. Again, it was so much fun writing RFD Maine and I’ll miss it terribly. I’ll continue to pour similar enthusiasm and feelings into my blog. And thank you all for reading it. It’s been a pleasure.

Weekly Quote

“And in thy reign of blast and storm, smiles many a long, bright summer day. When the changed winds are soft and warm, and heaven puts on the blue of May.” - Bryant

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