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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 01, 2014

by Tom Seymour

This year’s Annual Waldo Town Meeting came off without any noticeable friction or heated tempers. Our town meeting has, for some years, been civil, informative and without incident.

As per what transpired, most everything has remained the same. No new town officers, no increases in salary and of great interest, no big spike in property taxes for this year. And for that, we are all thankful.

Next, I must comment upon town roads. Thompson’s Oil of Waldo delivered propane to my place this past week and while the ruts in East Waldo Road were frozen at the time, the same will not hold true for long. The driver told me that other towns had already posted their roads against heavy loads. That’s something that Waldo does not do. The propane truck driver also told me that this year was the worst he had ever seen for ruts, frost heaves and potholes. And this is only the beginning. So those of you who drive on other than numbered highways, prepare for the worst. And drive slowly and with great caution.

This next item is something I regret to post. Readers from over the years may recall me writing about my dear friend Leo Mills. Leo often visited me and we two would down two or three dozen raw oysters, something he dearly loved. Leo was, among other things, an old Air Force flier and a pioneer of high-altitude flying. He was an American hero and I’m proud to be counted among his close friends. Leo died on Thursday, March 27. He will be sorely missed. We’ve lost a big one.

Perchin’ Prediction

By the time this column appears in the Journal, I will already have been out trying my luck at trout fishing in Midcoast Maine’s brooks and streams. The recent extra-cold winter has even moving water locked in a coating of ice. My (or anyone else’s) chances of catching trout are approximately nil. But still, we go.

There is a bright side to lingering cold, snow and ice. Water temperatures in lakes and ponds should remain below average until well into late spring. That means that people who love fishing for coldwater game fish such as trout, salmon and togue, should have an extended season to enjoy.

Weekly Quote

“April weather; rain and sunshine both together.”- Anon.

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