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By Jordan M Bailey | May 02, 2014

by Tom Seymour

With ice now gone from area lakes and ponds, Waldo residents look to boats and boating. But before heading out, remember to check trailer and boat registrations. The annual registrations for boats expire in late winter, meaning that before going out in spring, we must buy a new sticker.

Trailers may be registered for either one or two years, so your trailer may or may not be road-ready. Better check before heading out on the water.

Perchin’ Prediction

Fish are finally starting to bite. I’ve had several good meals of brook trout taken from local streams. Slow fishing, bottom-bumping on lakes will take trout now. Stay close to shore and try fishing on the south-facing side of lakes. That’s where sunlight strikes first, making the water slightly warmer than on the north-facing side.

Tick Check

If you go outside at all, if only to pick up the mail, you are subject to tick bites. These insidious, disease-carrying creatures are out in full force. I had hoped that lingering snow would take a toll on the tick population, but that isn’t the case. Last week I found two ticks on my body within two days. Both were firmly attached. Fortunately, the “tick spoons,” available in pet shops, hardware stores and other places, work precisely as advertised. I was able to pop the ticks out with little effort. All the same, the bite sites remain inflamed and itchy.

It is imperative, in order to catch any tick that may have attached itself, to do a full body check each evening. We don’t necessarily feel ticks when they bite us, so diligence is necessary in removing the pests before they can become engorged. If removed within the day they attach to us, we are, supposedly, safe from contracting Lyme disease. And remember, the one day we fail to do a thorough body check is the day a tick will have latched on to us. I know, because it has happened to me.

I am still hoping that last winter’s cold weather and deeply frozen ground will have knocked down the Japanese beetle population. We shall see.

Foraging Trip

On June 21, I’m hosting a foraging walk on Sears Island. The island has a vast number of interesting wild edibles, including plants of the shore as well as those that typically grow far inland. The group will assemble at 10 a.m. at the island end of the Sears Island causeway. For more information or to sign up, contact me by phone or email. I’m limiting this trip to 10 participants so that I can give everyone the attention they deserve. The trip will run for approximately two hours and will be held rain or shine, with the exception of a fierce storm with high winds or the presence of thunder and lightning.

Also for more information, visit my blogsite www.wildplantsandwoolybears.blogspot.com. Scroll down to the April 17 post for details on the Sears Island walk.

Weekly Quote

“The truth may hurt us, but is not mean.” – Andrew Breitbart

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