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By Dan West | Jul 18, 2014

By Tom Seymour

With no one from the quiet little town of Waldo sending me any news, I’ll just jump right to the big news item of the week. It comes from me and it rightly belongs in the Under The Feeder section. So here it goes.

Under The Feeder

While sitting in my kitchen enjoying some Chinese take-out with a neighbor, the neighbor suddenly stood up and exclaimed “A rabbit.”]

She was looking out the back door and I was sure that she had seen some kind of animal, but certainly not a rabbit. I hadn’t seen a rabbit, more properly stated, a varying hare, on my woodlot since the late 1980’s. Coyotes have pretty much cleaned out our local rabbit population and the once-populous bunnies have been on my personal, unofficial, endangered species list for years.

Anyway, while we both watched, a mature rabbit hopped across the clearing and I said to keep watching, because surely a fox or coyote was close behind it and would soon come into sight. But instead of being pursued by a predator, the rabbit was being followed by its progeny. A bunch of little rabbits burst out of the underbrush, hopping this way and that. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

We watched for some time, until the rabbits all bounced their way out of sight. I do hope they don’t find my garden, but they probably will.

Perchin’ Prediction

Ron Young called to tell me that his buddies had recently fished Swan Lake and found plenty of togue. That was before the torrential rain. I got my act together after the rain and tried Swan Lake and didn’t get a bite. But better times are coming, of that I’m sure.

Weekly Quote

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

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