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By Dan West | Jul 25, 2014

By Tom Seymour

It’s midsummer in Waldo and not much goes on now. It seems to me that that’s a good thing, too. Better no news than bad news. So it’s on to the next regular item.

Under The Feeder

We’ve had some interesting Under The Feeder entries as of late, everything from mountain lions to snowshoe hares. But this week’s entry tops them all. I’ll give you a hint. Think Jed Clampett of Beverly Hillbillies fame and try to remember his favorite food. That’s right…you got it. It’s possum innards, and indeed, someone struck and killed a possum on the stretch of road between Head of Tide and Waterville Road.

At first I thought the roadkill specimen was a housecat, but it was of a different shape and the tail was naked, not furred. It was for sure, a possum, and others noted it as well.

Possums, or more to the point, Virginia opossums, are new to Maine and have only recently began pushing their way northward. So if you see a gray animal with beady, black eyes, small ears, long whiskers and a long, naked tail, you are probably looking at a possum. Pass the chitlins and give me some redeye gravy.

Perchin’ Prediction

Fish continue to bite well, with one minor exception. Last Tuesday I spent the whole day floating around Sebago Lake in an open boat trolling for togue, or lake trout. All I caught was a sunburn.

Garden Calendar

Gardens are finally paying off in a big way. Lettuce and spinach have already gone by, but summer squash, chard and green beans and wax beans are coming on big time. My six green pepper plants are producing steadily and the broccoli is giving me more huge, tightly-compacted heads than I can eat. Life is good.

Weekly Quote

“Gratitude is an action word.” – Chris Stirewalt

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