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By Carolyn Zachary | Oct 07, 2016

By Tom Seymour

Oct. 6, 2016

194 East Waldo Road

Waldo, ME 04915

(207) 338-974


Waldo News

Well, the road to the town office is open again. I wasn’t made aware of the closure until after the fact and so couldn’t post it in the town column. Sorry about that.

The reason for closing Route 131 was that the Maine Department of Transportation installed a new culvert just west of our town hall. The old one seemed pretty good to me, but I’m just a layman concerning these topics.

Anyway, the little brook that crosses the road has a seasonal run of brook trout. But the pool beneath the old culvert was quite small and fish were only present in early spring. Now, perhaps, trout will find a more suitable habitat.

Autumn Color

All the experts who predicted a less-than-colorful display of autumn leaves were wrong. This appears to me as one of the brighter autumn displays. I had predicted strong, brilliant color this year but failed to mention it in this column. Too bad, since my prediction nailed it right on the head.

Water levels in Waldo remain dangerously low. Hurricane Matthew, at the time of this writing, is forecast to swing out to sea without having any effect at all upon Maine. But weather forecasting is not an exact science and by the time this column goes to print, we’ll know whether the scientists were correct in their prognostications or if they blew it and Maine got some much-needed rain.

And brother, do we need rain. In all of my 69 years on this planet I don’t recall seeing ponds, brooks, streams, rivers as low as they are at this time. We need rain, and big time.

In The Garden

I disconnected my electric fence last week and was surprised to learn that raccoons had all along, salivated over my crop of sweet corn. But to the ‘coon’s dismay, I picked every ear and either ate it or pressure canned it. There was nothing left when I got done.

But the ‘coons didn’t know that and the very night after putting the fence offline, the wily predators raided my corn patch, knocking down numerous stalks. Their efforts were in vain and for the first time in a long time, ol’ Tom has gotten the better of the masked bandits. Score one for me.

Now is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs. For more on this topic, see my From The Ground Up column in this week’s paper.

Weekly Quote

“Shoot a dog before it bites you and punch a man before he hits you.” — All good advice from Mark Twain.



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