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By Carolyn Zachary | Aug 13, 2017

By Tom Seymour

August 11, 2017

194 East Waldo Road

Waldo, ME 04915

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Waldo Town News

August, what a special time. Fairs, concerts, fresh vegetables of every stripe and a final shot at warm, perhaps even hot weather. Here in Waldo life is good and that’s the way we like it.

Speaking of Waldo, I had a difficult time trying to describe to someone from away just where Waldo is located. After disabusing the person of the idea that we are in any way connected to Waldoboro (I did mention Gen. Samuel Waldo, for whom the Waldo Patent was named), I began listing nearby towns. Finally, the picture of Belfast, on the inner recesses of Upper Penobscot Bay, formed and I became convinced that the listener finally grasped the answer to that age-old question, “Where’s Waldo?”

In the Garden

My cucumbers have succumbed to a vine-killing disease called bacterium wilt. My From The Ground Up column in this paper describes how to deal with this plague.

Also, while an electric fence prevents them from destroying my main gardens, a daylily bed behind the house was not so fortunate. Deer ate the blossoms, putting an early end to what was a beautiful display of multi-colored blooms.

On a happier note, sweet corn seems almost ready to pick. But it’s not quite ready yet and it takes some fortitude to refrain from pulling the husk back on one ear to check for ripeness. In this case, good things come to those who wait.

2017 Drought

Drought is a funny thing. It creeps up on us. Spring and early summer saw normal water levels but July turned bone-dry and August has not seen sufficient rain to relieve drought conditions.

The water table has lowered considerably and people ought to consider taking water-conservation measures now, before it’s too late.

For me, with a dug well, a spring, really, further watering of the garden is out of the question. The drought is nowhere as severe as last summer’s drought, at least not yet. Hopefully, much-needed rain will remedy the situation. But until then, Waldo residents are urged to conserve water.

Perchin’ Prediction

If I had to live on fish I’d be awfully thin by now. But this week I hope to turn things around and when that happens, I’ll surely note it here.

Meanwhile, conditions are prime for white perch fishing. These school fish present a problem only in locating them. After that they usually cooperate to the fullest.

Weekly Quote

“If mists in the new moon, rain in the old.

If mists in the old moon, rain in the new.” — Old saying


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