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By Carolyn Zachary | Sep 07, 2017

By Tom Seymour

Sept. 7, 2017

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Waldo Town News

A mystery animal has haunted me since late last spring. At first I was convinced that it was a porcupine, since they make a similar “brrr-brrr” sound.

The critter appeared to be living in the crawlspace beneath my house. The sound occurred both day and night and had me running outside, flashlight in hand, to identify the culprit.

But no matter how quickly I ran out after hearing the two-syllable sound, the animal was nowhere to be found. This mystery really had me confounded and I was determined, one way or another, to figure out exactly what kind of animal had taken up residence in my crawlspace.

Porcupines leave copious amounts of droppings, but this thing left none. I finally crossed porcupines off my list and began considering what other kind of animal made such a sound. But in the end I was completely baffled. Meanwhile, the groaning sounds continued.

Then one day while sitting in my kitchen with my new cell phone on the kitchen table, the mystery critter finally revealed its identity. It was the cell phone. I had it set on vibrate and every time an email came in, the phone would go “brrr-brrr.”

Do I feel foolish over this? You bet. But in my defense, I never had a smart phone before. So perhaps I can be forgiven, since technology-minded I certainly am not.

Beneficial rain

The recent rains have given our gardens a much-needed boost. Even our dirt roads, which had long ago formed sharp-edged corrugations because of dry conditions, have become a tad smoother because the rain smoothed out the sharp edges.

However, barring more significant rain, our water table remains low. But at least these recent rains have helped a bit.

Perchin’ prediction

Fish are biting and this week should see good angler returns. Trout and togue in our lakes and ponds are active now and should remain so for the balance of September.

Also, white perch ought to become active toward month’s end, so fish-fry fans might want to get out and go perchin’.

Weekly quote

Wall motto in an Edinburgh office: “Never waste your money on drink, but always keep a corkscrew in your desk.”


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