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By Carolyn Zachary | Sep 30, 2017

By Tom Seymour

September 29, 2017

194 East Waldo Road

Waldo, ME 04915

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Waldo Town News

I’ve have no regular news to report. Soon, though, public suppers and so on will begin and I’ll post times and places here.

I’ll note that while our dirt roads have held up well this summer, increased traffic and the long-term drought has taken its toll in that road surfaces have become corrugated “washboards.” The end result is that anyone who drives faster than a crawl takes a chance on their vehicle shaking to pieces. A grading will solve this problem, though, and that should happen soon.

If any Waldo resident has any kind of news, please contact me. My contact information is posted atop this column. And as far as what constitutes news, the answer is anything that is important to you. This could be birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, trips, visitors, interesting animals, in fact just about anything.

Now on to regular features. It being October, “Pa’tridge Prediction” will replace “Perchin’ Prediction” for October and November.

Pa’tridge Prediction

The woods are dry and small game such as ruffed grouse (pa’tridge) can hear a person coming from a great distance. Add to that a scarcity of birds and we have what looks like tough sledding for upland gunners.

Woodcock, too, have changed their habits because of the drought. Woodcock feed primarily upon earthworms, which they acquire by probing loose, damp soil with their prehensile bills. But the only damp soil now is right along wet areas. So if traditional upland covers are barren, try centering upon riparian habitat.

Weekly Quote

“Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” – George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796.


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