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By Carolyn Zachary | Oct 06, 2017

By Tom Seymour

Oct. 6, 2017

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Waldo Town News

The Maine Municipal Association has honored Waldo First Selectman Kathy Littlefield with its prestigious Ethel N. Kelley Memorial Award. The plaque, presented to Littlefield on October 4 at the Augusta Civic Center, honors her “exemplary service and lifetime achievements dedicated to the cause of good local government and selfless concern for others in the community.”

The Town of Waldo is pleased to see our long-time first selectman get the recognition she so richly deserves. Congratulations, Kathy.

Welcome visitor

Sitting in my home office writing this column, a loud mechanical noise drew closer and closer, distracting and disrupting my thoughts. But instead of being offended I was joyful. The sound was made by the grader making its first pass along bumpy, rutted East Waldo Road.

Residents on the town’s other dirt roads will soon be treated to a similar visit. This should set the stage for a smooth road for the balance of fall and throughout the winter.

Under the feeder

I have bird news this week. Well, more aptly put, I have news of a scarcity of songbirds. Over the last few weeks birds have absented themselves from Waldo locales, causing people to wonder where they all went. In fact I’ve gotten calls on this from a number of people, wondering where all their birds went.

While it isn’t unusual for birds to remain out of sight during nesting season, the current lack of bird presence has me stumped. My best guess is that it is drought-related. If that is the case, then, hopefully, songbirds will return after some much-needed rain.

The lack of even such urbane birds as blue jays and woodpeckers, though, seems a bit concerning. But all we can do at this point is wait and see.

Happy holiday

This column appears in the October 12 edition of the paper, smack-dab on Columbus Day. Despite the earlier celebration, October 12 is the exact day Christopher Columbus made landfall on the new world. Happy Columbus Day.

Pa’tridge prediction

Partridge and woodcock, two favorite game birds, have also proved scarce. For upland hunters, it looks like a slow start to the upland game hunting season. Perhaps some rain will improve the situation. We can hope.

Weekly quote

“Elections should be held April 16.” — Anonymous


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