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By Carolyn Zachary | Oct 13, 2017



By Tom Seymour

October 12, 2017

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Waldo Town News

Has anyone noticed a reduction in their property taxes? The reason for this unexpected boon is that the Homestead Exemption has raised and therefore the amount of tax imposed upon homeowners has decreased.

The only other time I’m aware of property taxes going down was back in the 1960s. I still lived at home with my folks and one year when the Belmont School was finally paid for, people’s taxes decreased. Our family went to dinner at Village Restaurant in Stockton to celebrate. That, I’m afraid, doesn’t happen nowadays, since as soon as a school bond gets paid off, government quickly finds something else to do with the money they extract from property owners. Thank goodness for the Homestead Exemption.

Drought Continues

Last week when rainfall from weakening Hurricane Nate hit New England, it appeared as if Maine would see significant rainfall. And that would have done much to alleviate drought conditions. Parts of Maine did get good amounts of rain, but not Waldo.

Working in the office that day, I had recourse to a live-time weather map and that map showed approaching storms. Waldo was marked with a teardrop-shaped icon so it was easy to see what was coming and whether or not it would reach us. But to my amazement, as soon as storm cells drew near, they veered to the north. It was as if Waldo was coated with some kind of rain repellent. The rain appeared to bounce off Waldo like water off a duck’s back.

So with virtually no positive effect from the recent light rains, we remain in a serious drought. And unfortunately there is no relief in sight. Water conservation is our only recourse.

Bird News

Some of our missing songbirds have returned. Blue jays, a lingering phoebe and a song sparrow have returned to my place and others are sure to follow. I’ve gotten several calls from around the county lately saying that while they noticed an absence of songbirds, the last week has seen our feathered friends returning. Thanks everyone for your calls.

Pa’tridge Prediction

Unlike songbirds, game birds are far and few between. Woodcock are non-existent, mostly because the ground is so hard and dry they cannot probe into soft, damp soil for earthworms, their preferred diet. Pa’tridge, too, are scarcer than hen’s teeth.

Weekly Quote

“The mists are cold on the low ponds

And the frost is chill;

But the world is warm with crimson and bronze

Where the oaks stand on the hill.” — Wilson MacDonald

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