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By Carolyn Zachary | Nov 03, 2017

By Tom Seymour

Nov. 3, 2017

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Waldo Town News

The big news now is the lingering power outage that resulted from the powerful storm that recently swept Maine.

Winds of over 70 miles per hour uprooted some trees and snapped others in half. Several huge white pines near my house were reduced to stubs and goodness knows how much damage the woodlot as a whole might have sustained.

Others suffered similar, and in some cases, worse damage. In general, this was a severe event and the damage and interruption to lives and property is incalculable. And even today, November 3, while writing this column, my power remains out. East Waldo Road, like so many other rural roads, isn’t a high priority and we usually are the last to see our power restored.

Loss of food ranks among the saddest results of the widespread power outage. In many cases, an entire winter’s worth of frozen food spoiled and was discarded. I was fortunate in finding someone with a spare freezer to take my frozen food. This included lots of fresh-frozen garden veggies, seafood and even a possession limit’s worth of partridge. These are things you cannot buy at the store and to lose them would have been a hard blow.

The good news, though, is that groundwater has recovered to something like normal levels. However, in the case of dug wells and springs, where the water was so low to start and then heavy rain filled them to the top in a matter of less than a day, water has become discolored.

My own water, which I only had a few days to enjoy before losing power, has acquired a yellowish tint, a result, I would guess, of being filtered through clay.

Under the Feeder

To my great delight, chickadees have returned to my place. Chickadees haven’t graced my yard since sometime in early spring.

Next, a pair of cardinals has found a comfortable place to hide in the tangled, fruit-laden branches of a flowering crabapple tree in front of my house. It’s still something of a big deal for me to see such, for Waldo, exotic visitors.

Pa’tridge Prediction

Speaking of birds, a pa’tridge has also found my crabapple tree. It’s quite amusing to take a break from writing, look out the office window and watch old Pat picking and eating the small, tart apples.

Deer, too, are much in evidence. The three does that bedeviled me all spring and summer has taken to staying even closer to the house. But lacking an antlerless deer permit, the marauders are safe from me. Besides, even were I allowed to take one of these bandits it would make no sense to shoot because of lack of refrigeration. Lucky deer.

Weekly Quote

“The night is chill, the forest bare

Is it the wind that moaneth bleak?” -- Byron


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